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Posted by on Thursday May 2, 2013 at 8:47:34:

My recent Paypal email read, "HubPages, Inc sent you $94.09 USD"

As you might already know, Hubpages is one of the ways I make money online just by writing and the platform is integrated with Google adsense, Amazon and Ebay affiliate programs.

The first time I received a payment from Hubpages, I wrote about it and then I had over 70 hubs doing well and bringing traffic mostly from US locations. My hubs are not targeted at Kenya yet but focused on tech stuff and gadgets. It is only fitting that I also write about my second payment from them, how much I received and when as well as how I spent my Paypal money.

Actually I should have written up to 200 hubs if I had continued at the same speed as at last time but it seems that I have only written 30 more hubs. I guess when you've a 100 hubs, you tend to slow down either to re-analyze your strategy or just become lazy.

Well, Hubpages has an earning program that allows you to earn money as a writer apart from the one you earn from the Adsense sharing program. If you ask me, I have to tell you that I've earned more money from the Hubpages Earning program than from Adsense sharing or Amazon affiliate program.

Hubpages credits writers directly who have Paypal accounts a certain amount of commission apart from the one you get directly from other affiliate or pay per click programs. It is this sort of direct income from Hubpages that I'm talking about.

As at the last time I wrote, I had a goal to reach at least 100 hubs but then I had barely over 50 hubs. Now I have over 100 hubs and they are still creeping up in the search results and it would only be a matter of time before my income increases.

Well, I have not yet reached my goal of at least $50+ per month which means I have to earn for two months to get paid the following month.

Anyway, my income for the past two months had reached over $90 and I just got paid by Paypal on the 28th of April 2013. I think I'm beginning to understand how Hubpages payment actually works. One has to earn at least $50 in a month to get paid on the 28th of the following month. So if you earn $50 in January, you will be paid by the 28th of February but if you earn $40 in Jan and then $50 in Feb, you will get paid the sum of $90 on the 28th of March. In a way it works like Google adsense payment except that you actually receive your payments on the same date unlike adsense when you may have to wait for some days to receive your cheque.

What did I do with my Paypal payment? Well after I got the notification in my email of my Paypal payment from Hubpages, the only two options were to either sell the funds to someone that needs it or use it for shopping at ebay since it is hard to withdraw from Paypal.

Personally I used it to buy stuff at ebay in order to resell it back at home.

Over the coming months, I expect to earn over $50 per month as traffic to my hubs increase due to the articles I've recently published.

My target income from Hubpages this year still remains at least $100 a month and that means I would have to make at least $4 a day from the program and based on my writing style, I may need to write about 200 more hubs bringing them to a total of about 300. I hope I could achieve that soon. Comparing Hubpages to Google Adsense, Adsense remains my top income source as the highest I've earned in a month from it is in 4 dollar digits.

The main challenge with writing effective hubs that bring traffic is actually knowing what topics to write about and for me one of the ways I find out new potential topics is by knowing the current keywords driving traffic to my hubs using Google analytics on my Hubpages.

Earning more money from Hubpages really depends on how high you rank on search results for highly searched keywords. It is funny that I've written over 100 hubs but a majority of my traffic is still directed at just 5 keywords or a few articles.

You too can make money writing for Hubpages. If your earnings reach over $50, you will get paid by Paypal on the 28th of the following month

    Re: My Second payment from Hubpages Reply by Walter on Friday May 3, 2013 at 7:47:9:

    Hi Felix,

    Congratulations on that payment from HubPages.

    All the best in your goals and thanks for your ever-inspiring articles.


    Re: My Second payment from Hubpages Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday May 3, 2013 at 7:47:9:

    Thanks for dropping by. Love your site.

    Re: My Second payment from Hubpages Reply by Walter on Friday May 3, 2013 at 9:39:58:

    Most welcome Felix and I'm glad to know that you love my site

    Your site is the king in these things.