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Posted by on Friday March 1, 2013 at 13:15:54:

Today, I received what I would call my first payment from Hubpages and the payment was made through Paypal.

This goes to show that Hubpages really does pay if you are willing to put i the effort at writing.

I normally prefer writing about stuff people search mostly on search engines and luckily some of my Hubs lately have been bringing me traffic.

How muhc traffic do I really get to my Hubapges account? Well, since I've integrated Google analytics into it, I can for the record say I get at least over 9000 unique visitors monthly and over 11,000 page views too.

I've written over 70 hubs so far and on my goal to reach at least a hundred. I don't submit articles all the time to hubpages but when i do, I prefer writing extensively about it and trying to catch in on some good long term traffic. My niche is basically in the tech and web category.

Initially when I started writing for Hubpages, I was not really serious about it but lately I decided to get serious and wrote about 60 more hubs in two months. I decided to focus on highly trafficked keywords and this has helped increase my traffic.

Hubpages normally makes payment monthly as long as you've reached a minimum of $50 in the previous month. So after earning some good income for December and January, I've been paid for the effort by February 28. I'm guessing I'll also receive a payment by the end of April for February and March if the traffic continues to increase.

I hope to make at least $50 monthly though by the time I publish about 100 hubs.

You too can make money writing for Hubpages and your income would be paid to your via Paypal on a monthly basis.

Get started with Hubpages today if you are not in yet.

    Re: My First Payment from Hubpages Reply by ALLAN. on Saturday March 2, 2013 at 1:32:56:

    how now......i need to know how this all works!!

    Re: My First Payment from Hubpages Reply by Felix Okoli on Saturday March 2, 2013 at 1:32:56:

    It's simple. Just sign up for Hubpages and write a lot of good articles