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Posted by on Wednesday January 30, 2013 at 14:41:19:

Making about $1 or more a day from Hubpages may look a bit small but it is worth something when it is income that just comes to you while you sleep and after the work has been done. Act Once and Earn Many times(AOEMT). It is an investment that brings passive income

I initially started Hubbing(writing) for Hubpages about 2 years ago and I wasn't really serious and wrote about 10 hubs. Anyway, after the Google panda update and some of my sites were affected, I started looking for alternative platforms to publish or even rewrite some of my once best trafficked articles and then I remembered Hubpages.

Hubpages is one of those websites where you can earn money passively by publishing your articles. It is unlike freelancing websites where you actually sell your articles and no longer have rights to them. On Hubpages, you still own rights to those articles and they still earn money for you passively.

So after having published only about 10 or so articles or Hubs as they are called on Hubpages without any income, I decided I'll look into how profitable it could really be. I was able to read into many success stories of Hubbers who made a good income passively just by writing for Hubs.

Some special Hubbers were already making over $2000 a month from their Hubs and that was the kind of income that I could be motivated by, even if I have to write till the end of the world to achieve it. I'm the kind of person who likes succeeding in anything I put myself in, especially if it was something like writing articles for money.

Now, there was something those special Hubpage writes had that I didn't have - They had more articles or Hubs. Some of them have over 1000 articles on Hubpages and I'm here with just about 10 articles and still complaining about income.

Anyway, I then made it a duty to at least publish 100 articles and see how much income it would bring for me. Anyway, 3 months down the line and after having written over 60 articles, I'm already making over $1 a day and my monthly income from the Hubpages Earning Program(H.E.P.) is about $50.

There are many ways to make money with Hubpages such as Adsense sharing, Amazon affiliate marketing, Referrals and the H.E.P. but the H.E.P. is the one I'm currently talking about.

Although my income from Google adsense publishing far outweighs my income from the H.E.P, I'm thinking that by the time I also have about 1000 articles on Hubpages related to my niche, I'll probably be making about $20 a day which is not bad for an African online writer.

If you've written some high trafficked articles n your blog or other website, you can easily rewrite them on Hubpages but not word for word, rather focus on the keywords. If you have not started writing for Hubpages and want to make money online by doing so, then sign up today.

Hubpages offers payment to writers under the H.E.P. by means of Paypal when your monthly income reaches at least $50. I think, it really depends on which niche you focus on. For the niche I'm focused on, I would need about 100 articles to earn $50 a month.

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    Re: How I make $1 everyday from Hubpages Reply by Edith on Thursday January 31, 2013 at 9:30:54:

    This is a good one, i have never heard about hubpages. Let me visit their website and see if i can join the team. A journey begins with a single step and i am encouraged.