Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages?

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One of the famous ways I've consistently encouraged Kenyans who wish to make money online by writing is by writing Hubs.

Writing Hubs means publishing your articles on, a large internet publishing company that rewards members for their published works. The articles belong to you and as long as you publish them on Hubpages, you will get rewarded for it.

Personally, apart from a couple of blogs I write for, I also write for Hubpages and have actually gotten more serious at doing so, most especially as I discovered that well written hubs do pay you in the long run.

You can make money writing for Hubpages in Kenya but I encourage you you to focus globally when doing so. Don't just write for Kenyans, write for the world.

Things you will need
To start making money with Hubpages, here are the basic things you need and they are readily available in Kenya

- Internet connection
- Hubpages account
- Paypal account
- Writing skills

How does Hubpages reward writers?
Hubpages offer various ways of rewarding you for writing and these are:

- Google adsense sharing
- Amazon affiliate traffic
- Ebay affiliate traffic
- Ad program

Hubpages rewards serious writers. These are writers who can write a lot of long posts. If you are not scrared of writing up to 100 articles in a year, then you can do well at this. By the time you might have reached up to 1000 articles, you could be making up to $1000 a month from Hubpages and I'm not just talking.

The Hubpages Ad earning program
Initially when I started as a writer with Hubpages, my focus was on having multiple channels for increasing my Google adsense income, however with an adsense revenue sharing model, I only earned peanuts from Hubpages despite the high traffic I got. Recently however, with the introduction of the Hubpages earning program, I now earn more from the Ad program than I do from their adsense revenue sharing.

How to get paid by Hubpages
Hubpages offers payment to writers on a monthly basis who have signed up for their rewards program and this is offered by Paypal. If you earn at least $50 a month, you can get paid via Paypal.

You also earn money directly from other programs like adsense, Amazon affiliate and ebay affiliate but those networks would pay you directly and not Hubpages.

Hubpages pays better than Writing jobs
In the short term, it may seem that doing writing jobs for freelance communities or websites pays higher as you may get up to $50 for some jobs but with Hubpages, you may actually earn $1 a day from a good article for up to 365 days in a year!

Hubpages pays you a sort of continuous royalty as long as your Hubs are bringing in traffic. So royalty payments or one time payments, which do you prefer?

How much can one make with Hubpages?
Well, personally I'm currently making about $30 a month from my hubs and this is as a result of my Hub challenge I did that increased the number of my niche hubs to about 60. Last 2 months I had about 10 hubs and was making about $2 a month. Ever since I've gotten serious about Hubpages, I've seen my Hubs increase.

One trick I used to increase my Hubpages income is by knowing which of my article currently bring in more traffic and then I write more related articles. How much you can make from Hubpages really depends on how many articles you have published and hence how much traffic they bring. So while 1 article could bring in a good traffic, it is better to write like 100 articles if you want to earn more. Any serious Hubber should be able to at least write about 100 hubs if you want to know where you stand.

Currently, my hubs have generated about 10,000 page views and this translates to about $40 from 60 hubs.

Your niche matters for more income
While most people I've seen writing online on Kenyan websites do write about a lot of stuff related to Life and society, you should know that those Hubs that has to do with certain niches tend to pay more than others. So a tech niche related to something like iPad or Nokia phones may actually get more traffic and income than one related to pets and family. You should be able to identify which niches would work best for you so a good way to start identifying highly rewarding niches is by writing on general topics and then focusing more on those ones that bring more traffic. Personally, I like writing tech so If I have a Sony laptop, I write a review on it, same thing If I have a mobile phone or chat with a blackberry. When writing on Hubpages, it's worthwhile to write about those things you really know rather than those you don't so you can always respond to user comments when needed.

This is for writers who are serious about making money online. If you are a good writer, I advice that you get started today

    Re: Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages? Reply by humphrey Kimathi on Friday January 11, 2013 at 12:3:32:

    Again very educative article here Felix, Thanks for sharing this.

    regards Humphrey

    Re: Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages? Reply by Simon Irungu on Friday January 18, 2013 at 13:14:24:

    Yeah I know of a friend who makes 60 dollars a month from writing of hubs.They pay if you are really serious

    Re: Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages? Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday January 18, 2013 at 13:14:24:

    Nice to know. May I know his hubpage address?

    Re: Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages? Reply by Alex on Thursday May 30, 2013 at 16:22:33:

    Wow thats nyce what if i dont hv a paypal account

    Re: Can Kenyans really make money from Hubpages? Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday May 30, 2013 at 16:22:33:

    You could still make money with your Google adsense account and Amazon affiliate program. Hubpages won't kick you out just because you don't have a Paypal account