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Posted by on Wednesday September 5, 2012 22:30:55:

Even if you have no website or already have one and still want to make money just by writing, you can do so by submitting your articles to large publishing websites like Hubpages.

How can someone in Kenya make money just by submitting articles to another site? Well, it's simple - You get paid based on the performance of your articles such as how much good traffic it brings but your articles have to be unique.

How Hubpages allows you to make money using the following ways:
- Google Adsense
- Amazon affiliate
- Rewards program
- Referral program

Google adsense:
This is by far the best way to earn money online by writing and on Hubpages, they make use of and adsense revenue sharing program when you include your publisher id. You may ask, why would someone post on Hubpages rather than on his own site? Well some posts you make on Hubpages may actually get higher traffic than if you just posted them on your site. The earnings Hubpages generates for your Google adsense account are based on clicks and impressions and you can track its performance by setting up a url channel for hubpages in your adsense account. Once you've integrated your adsense account to Hubpages, ads will start showing on every post you make on Hubpages to your own credit.

Amazon affiliate:
This works in a similar patter, You would need to be an amazon affiliate for a start and you can easily open a free account by going to Once you have an account, just associate your tracking id to Hubpages and referring ads from amazon will show up in your post. When your article drive people to buy from amazon, you will earn a a commission on sales.

Hubpages earning program
While payment for most other monetization options on Hubpages I've mentioned are done by other parties, this particular program is paid to you directly by Hubpages and they recently did just start this one. So, in addition to your other sources of income as a Huber, you would also get some bonus from Hubpages directly for writing for them and they do need more and more writers.

You can also make money by referring new users to Hubpages and you will be able to earn a commission based on what they also earn from their account. I think it is a lifetime royalty income that you would get from the Hubpages referral program.

How to get paid
Hubpages pays you directly through Paypal at the end of the month if you have reached the required $50 minimum limit. For other ad programs you would be promoting such as Google adsense, Amazon or ebay, you would get paid by them and not Hubpages.

How to really make big money as a Hubpages' writer
You really just need to submit a lot of articles that are useful and can bring a lot of traffic. The more articles you submit, the more your income is likely to increase. It also depends on the niche you are involved in. If you write more about Technology like phones and Laptops, you may earn more than someone who writes about sports or life stlye. So write more and be good in your niche.

The good thing about submitting articles to a large publishing site is that your articles remain your own and you get to earn a lifetime reward for it. It's like an asset that never goes away and you keep earning income from it without having to pay for a website or web hosting. There are probably a lot of other publishing platforms that allows one to submit articles and get rewarded for it but for this case, I'm focusing on Hubpages.

Why not be a Huber today?