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If you are living in Kenya, You can make a lot of money just by writing if you have the skills to do so.
Writing what people read can be a real source of income for you if you only know how to monetize it.

Here are ways one can make money just by writing

- Writing for blogs and other publishers
- Writing for own website
- Writing a book
- Writing articles for a fee

Writing for blogs and other publishers
There are a lot of online publishers and blogs that accept writings or article submissions. They allow you to write for them and you can decide how you want to get paid. Most blogs may not pay you directly but would provide an opportunity for you to showcase your talent, drive traffic to your site or even to your affiliate sales page. There are however sites that pay you based on the traffic your submitted articles receives and this includes a site like Hubpages. You can get paid by most of such sites by means of Paypal

Writing for own website
This is probably the best and most independent way to make money by online writing. You just need to setup a blog and you could even setup a free blog for a start with You can then monetize your site by selling advertising space to programs like Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, Addynamo, Bidvertiser, Infolinks and so on. You would normally get paid after every month when you reach the minimum payment threshold

Writing a book
Nowadays, with the internet, it is becoming easy to write and even publish your own book and it can be in electronic or hard copy form. You can publish real books with Amazon's create space or write your own ebooks with Amazon's kdp program. Besides you can also write a book and publish with a local publisher in Kenya and keep earning money based on their sales. A book well written can last for more than 100 years and this will do you good if you are a good writer.

Writing articles for a fee
There are lots of freelance sites that allow you to write an article on specific niches and as a project. There are even other publishing networks that pay you per submitted article and so you just need to decide on which of them you want to work with and how you want to get paid. You don't get paid royalties for traffic but rather per submitted and approved work

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