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Posted by on Monday July 30, 2012 17:27:38:

I guess you must have heard about Amazon Kindle - now Kindle fire? It's a small sleek tablet device that works like an Ipad that allows users to read books, watch movies, browse the web and get entertained anywhere they go.
One thing about Amazon Kindle is that books are in hot demand and Amazon does have a writer's program that allows you, if you can write books to make money from it easily.

The kind of books which the Kindle can read are e-books which are writings converted into electronic form fit for a kindle. You can make millions from just writing helpful books or stories and listing it in the Kindle bookstore for free.

How it works
It's like this, you write a book or story you know people love to read, publish it by uploading to your Amazon kdp store and you get paid a royalty whenever a sale is made. You can decide on how much royalty you want to get paid e.g. 30% or 70%. Where the hard work really lies is in writing and if you can write, then you can make money from it.

Have you got e-books?
If you've already got ebooks which you want to sell, you can simply upload them to your Amazon Kindle store and sell to millions waiting on the storefront. You only need to convert it and upload it in an acceptable Kindle format for use

How many pages does your book have to be?
It could be as short as 20 pages or as large as 200 pages. The best way is to really have something people are willing to read and would be useful to them.

What to do?
Simply go to and sign up for their program. Create your book cover and then format your book using their guidelines and you would upload the files for publishing. Your book would be reviewed within a few hours and when it's live, you earn royalty on sales

Real life story
Amanda hockings is kindle publisher who has made millions of dollars writing fiction for Amazon. She was drawn to the program when she only needed about $300 to pursue a book deal and eventually made millions because people loved buying her fiction stories. She could sell for a small price and still make millions.
Read her story here:

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