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Posted by on Monday July 23, 2012 14:21:50:

There are already a lot of online writers in Kenya and they all have the potential to make some good money from the internet.
Some article writers make money writing for others such as blogs, freelance communities or large publishers while others also make money by writing for their niche sites. You can really grow as a writer if you start writing articles that are unique.

Uniqueness makes all the difference
- Search engines rank unique articles higher
- Publishers pay more for articles
- It separates your articles from others
- Unique topics and content make yours stand out

When writing articles to be published, you need to know how to write from your own personal angle and still be able to drive the message across.

Some tips for writing uniquely
- Do your own research
- Write with your own level of understanding and style
- Don't copy content or recycle words used by other writers
- Don't use the same topics as others have already done
- Improve on your English vocabulary.
- Write longer articles rather than short ones

Uniquely written articles are much better than recycled write-ups. You could read through other already published articles but when writing, just try to write from your own level of expression as that would count in the long term.