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Posted by on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 10:14:30:

One of the cool ways popular bloggers or online writers make money with their online presence is by writing reviews for people who are willing to pay for it.

If for instance you are a popular blogger who is good at writing, a business which is willing to get some publicity for a particular product or service could request a publicity service from you to just write a review of on their behalf.

You can decide in advance on how much you want to generally charge per review on your website and just use it as a means of monetizing your website. Rates for sponsored reviews can be based on how much content it has for instance, the number of words.

If you do offer sponsored reviews on your website and charge maybe $10 per 100 word post, you could be making $1000 a month if you just get 100 clients that month.

There are many ways bloggers and online writers can make money from their profession such as selling advertising space, doing affiliate marketing as well as writing sponsored reviews.

Since you are the person who is offering this service, you should lay out your terms of service which will indicate the rules advertisers would follow in order to get a review from you. This would normally include the number of words, topics accepted, hyperlinks or none, images or none, form and mode of payment and so on.

You should first of all tell your potential clients how to contact you and this could be by email, telephone or just a web form. I think email is most preferred since it's more formal and easier to document.

You could include sponsored review as part of the services you offer on your website and that should include your service rates too.

Clients would be more likely to pay online reviewers who are related to their niche. If for instance a business is into selling computer products, they are more likely to request sponsored review services from bloggers or writers who are into writing articles related to computer products.