My 3rd and 4th payment from Hubpages

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Posted by on Wednesday January 29, 2014 at 9:32:43:

It is the 29th of January and Hubpages normally makes payment on the 28th of every month using Paypal. Payments are normally made out to writers who accumulate a balance of at least $50 on the previous month.

I missed out on writing about my 3rd payment from Hubpages and so after I got my 4th payment yesterday, I thought it would be wise just to write a report of the two of them here.

I joined Hubpages in 2010 and so far, it has not really been that bad. Based on the number of Hubs I've written and traffic they get, I've been making some income passively from it based on the Hubpages Earning program.

I received my Third payment of $58.81 from Hubpages on the 28th of September and this was for 2 months income that accumulated in July and August. Yes, my income dropped a bit then after traffic slowed down and I stopped writing but it's still a good passive income. I got the payment via Paypal and used it to fund my iWriter account.

My 4th payment of $75.47 from Hubpages came yesterday being the 28th of January and this was also for 2 months income which included November and December. My December earnings seems to be higher since I earned $35 unlike November which earned just $14.

So for my 3rd payment I got paid $58 and for the 4th payment I got $75 and those are just payments from Hubpages alone. I've also had some referrals to Amazon from Hubpages since I also review some Amazon apps.

I've decided to withdraw my 4th payment directly to a US bank using Payoneer's US payment service. I'm going to brief you on how that turns out. I just want to actually feel the cash in my hands unlike previous times when I use it to shop on eBay or pay for an online service.

Even though I'm that serious with Hubpages yet or writing exclusively for them, I'm still happy that it brings me some income on a daily basis even when I've stopped writing. The tip to writing a good hub is by writing one that never dies - It has to remain relevant.

I don't think anyone who has not written at least 100 hubs should be worried that he is not making money from hubpages yet. I just feel that is the starting point before you'd then get to know which niche brings you more traffic and hence income. However, I've seen people with just 50 hubs and yet have gotten up to 1 million page views from it.

When writing hubs, try to fill it in with a lot of useful keywords so that they would get a lot of search engine traffic and even when people are searching for unrelated keywords. You could imagine how rich your hub can be if you include a lot of long tail keywords in it such that when people search for anything, your hub gets at leas pops up in search results.

You could write a simple hub on a topic like "how to choose a good husband" but you could include a lot of other keywords like divorce, separation disadvantages, child discipline, financing a married life and so on. Once your hubs are rich, they'd get good traffic and you get to earn money from it as a member.

Tips for earning a lasting income from Hubpages
- Write articles that would remain relevant for a long time
- Recruit more writers using your affiliate link
- Track your best performing keywords and write more hubs around them
- Write long hubs and use pictures(At least 500 words)