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Posted by on Wednesday January 15, 2014 at 13:4:38:

Ever since I wrote about how Kenyans can make money by just writing for Hubpages, I thank God that a lot of writers have signed and they are writing Hubs. A hub is basically an article that you write and publish on Hubpages - A top article publishing website that rewards writers based on their article traffic.

When I first started writing for Hubpages, there are a lot of things I learnt but the first thing on my mind was basically to write a lot of hubs and at least find out how much I would be able to make from publishing with them. My first goal then was to at least write up to 100 articles just to see how much traffic it can bring.

You never really know how much money you can make until you at least write about 100 hubs.

I noticed that a lot of Kenyans have signed up for Hubpages through my link but have actually being lazy in writing hubs. The truth is that you can't make money on Hubpages if you are not good in writing. You need to at least write a bunch of stuff you are knowledgeable about and then later focus on the niche that best pays you. You need to be able to generate unique articles on what to write about and you can write for an audience in Kenya or abroad.

One of the things I noticed about writing is that first of all you need to brainstorm on a suitable topic. I think most writers would find it easier to just write on an article once they've been given a topic to write about such as on freelancing websites like iWriter. I guess that's what makes Hubpages a bit different from iWriter - You have to be able to think out which topics to write about.

Tips to make money from Hubpages
- Write a lot of Hubpages e.g. 100 hubs
- Follow famous writers who are already making money
- Write for a larger audience
- Track your best performing articles
- Write really long articles e.g. 500 - 1000 words. It should include lots of keywords
- Write for search engines. They pay best.
- Focus on your best performing keywords and write more articles around it

It's been a long time since I wrote my first 100th hub. Next time when I do a hubathon, I may write another 100 articles. My long term goal for now is to write at least 1000 articles and I believe by then, I'd be making a much higher income.

The truth about making money with Hubapges is based on how many hubs you write, your target visitors and the quality of your hubs.

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