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When it comes to monetizing one's writing skills, there are several ways it can be done. This article focuses on some of the ways one can make money by writing.

If you can write, why not make some money from it? Today, a growing number of people are living decent and comfortable lives just by using their writing skills.

It is a good place to start especially for college graduates and anyone else who can spare a few minutes from the daily schedule.

Writing is easy because;

- Almost everyone can write
- Most writing gigs are flexible
- The well never dries
- Great opportunity for growth

7 ways you can earn money writing in Kenya
1. Freelancing writing: The first place where you should try your luck are the freelancing communities. Such online platforms are one of the places you will never miss writing gigs. And all you require is a working computer and internet connection. The only other thing you may need is your brains! Freelance writing comes in all forms from simple articles to web content and SEO writing. Everyone should be able to find a writing job online with ease. Sites like iWriter, Freelancer, Guru and elance are good places.

2. Travel writer: Travel writing pays well and a travel writer is someone who writes about his travels with the aim of informing the reader about locations and journeys. Travel essays are a great resource especially to tourists and fellow travelers as they will want to hear what other people have to say about particular destinations. Kenya being a country frequented by tourists, your articles will be in high demand. A travel writer can post his work on blogs, magazines and newspapers or even on social sites. He can make money from doing it as a job or from referrals he makes to booking and travel agents.

3. Resume writer: If you have the ability to write good resumes, you are on your way to making some fortune. Many job seekers whether fresh from college or experienced people switching jobs find difficulty in writing attractive CVs and will be willing to pay for such services. Some are already earning from this. This is something you can do offline or online to assist people in their search for jobs.

4. Writing coach: not everyone can be a writing coach but since there is a huge number of people out there ready to pay to be coached in writing, it becomes a viable option. If you have the experience and feel like you want to give back to the community, you will get paid for it. Teaching people how to write requires someone who also has got good writing skills.

5. Translation: A few Kenyans are good in more than one international language but have failed to take advantage of it. Translation gives you an opportunity to help others while you earn some income. Translators of Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic to and from English are always on high demand. If you can even translate English to Swahili, you may meet an opportunity that pays well. You need to be able to listen to audio or read text in one language and be able to write it in another language.

6. Script writing: You can earn money writing scripts for movie producers, comedians and others in the entertainment industry. Artistes such as comedians don�t get everything they say or act on stage from their heads. Usually, it is the case that someone writes and they act. Probably you can think of great jokes and stories but you are not a comedian yourself. Sell it for some money.

7. Content writing: You can earn money writing on your website or for other content websites. Blogging is one cool thing for a writing enthusiast. It gives you the platform to pour out your heart and an opportunity to make some money doing just that. A good idea is create a blog which helps people solve specific problems. Once people find out that you are helpful in some way, they will always come to your blog. Soon they will be seeking your services and you can even earn money from online advertising and referring sales.

There are many other ways you can make money writing in Kenya. It all depends on your expertise and how much time you can afford. But if you have the heart, the 7 above should be a good starting point.

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    Online writing is a reality and a succesful venture for those who have opted to venture into it