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Posted by on Friday July 19, 2013 at 13:20:33:

When it comes to writing for money, one of the coolest websites you can work with is iWriter.

iWriter allows writers from Kenya to earn some income by simply writing for clients and getting paid by Paypal. You don't have to have a website to make money with iWriter as they provide a platform for submitting your work and receiving payment when you are done.

iWriter is like a freelancing website that attracts a lot of employers who need writers and writers who need writing jobs. You only need to know how to write and have a Paypal account in order to get paid.

Hubpages vs iWriter
I've promoted Hubpages for sometime but iWriter is different from Hubpages in that you get to make money as soon as you submit articles that are accepted. You can write articles that can earn you around $2 to $5 depending on how good your resume is.

Why I joined iWriter
Since I'm into publishing articles, I recently joined iWriter in order to get writers for a job. Since I had some Paypal funds, I was able to pay for about 3 articles and it was a nice job. I'm also looking to make money with iWriter too as a writer and not just an employer.

So you can't exactly make money from iWriter as an employer, you need to be the writer in order to make money.

How it really works
It works like this:
- A client submits a writing job and makes a deposit using Paypal
- The job gets listed in the market
- You log into your account and search for writing jobs
- You select a job, write and submit your article
- The client views the submitted works and chooses the one he wants
- The client is then able to download the article
- If your article gets chosen, you get credited with the earnings
- You get paid on a weekly, 2 weeks or monthly basis by Paypal.

Start writing with iWriter today

You don't need to setup a website. You don't need to pay any money forward. All you need is good writing skills and a Paypal account and you'll start getting paid, just for writing.

    Re: How to make money with iWriter Reply by Kevin on Monday August 5, 2013 at 19:22:26:

    Surely a nice idea.please provide advice for starters.Brav

    Re: How to make money with iWriter Reply by maxy on Monday August 12, 2013 at 14:26:57:

    but now iwriter is closed for kenyans, where else can we go?

    Re: How to make money with iWriter Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday August 12, 2013 at 14:26:57:

    You can also try and

    Re: How to make money with iWriter Reply by Henry on Tuesday October 8, 2013 at 8:43:41:

    Guys, you can still use iWriter in Kenya. Just get an ip changing service like from Get the one that comes with a US address and you should be able to log into iWriter without having to be restricted based on your location.