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Can you make money with your mobile phone in Kenya? I think you can, if you use it for your small business.

Making money with your mobile phone really has to do with making use of your phone's capabilities to make money.

First things first. In order for us to go ahead with this, we need to know the capabilities of a mobile phone in our day.

What can a 21st century mobile phone do?
- It can receive and make voice calls
- It can send sms
- It can store contacts
- It can browse the web
- It can send email
- It can take pictures and record videos

Ways to make money with your mobile phone

- Providing customer care service: to potential and existing clients. This is useful if you have an existing business. Mobile phones can boost your business income. You would need to dedicate a mobile phone for your business if you intend to use it for business. You can make your business mobile phone number public by listing it on classified sites, public adverts and even your own corporate website. You can make more sales by simply having a dedicated business line on a mobile phone.

- SMS marketing: This is good also for small businesses. You'd need to have a lot of contacts so as to be able to send marketing letters to them via sms. The more contacts you have, the more sales you can make. You can get contacts by having them send their numbers to you when you make a targeted public campaign.

- Microblogging: e.g on twitter or own blog. There are bloggers nowadays who add content to their micro content blogs using their mobile phone and make millions. With a mobile phone, you can easily add content to a website nowadays and make money. You just need to learn how to connect your mobile phone to your blog. A mobile phone offers a more convenient way to blog on the go and more mobile apps are being made available to bloggers for their mobile phone.

- Taking pictures and selling or publishing them e.g paparazzi, places, unique pictures. You can also sell to newspapers, websites and picture retailing websites.

- Advertising on Google trader or others via sms and content writing. You can also include a business mobile number rather than your private number as a means of contact.

- Publishing videos on YouTube: Although not as ideal as using high quality cameras, some mobile phones are equally good for creating videos for Youtube and you can make money from you videos using the adsense program as well as affiliate marketing.

- Selling videos: You can sell breaking news videos to media houses if you have it. e.g CNN, Local tv stations and so on. It has to be exclusive. You can also sell your own unique videos if they are good and wanted on video retailing sites. Videos you make with your mobile phone belong to you and you have rights to them. You can take a video of a festivity, local celebration, a public wedding or other interesting or educative activity.

Know other ways of making money with a mobile phone? Share them here.

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    being a middle man seller ,advertise your sales by poster or sms