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Posted by on Tuesday August 28, 2012 14:42:22:

One of the ways by which Kenyans can certainly make money online is by simply selling with Paypal. I mean, there are now many Paypal users in Kenya and when it comes to online income, one of the surest ways of getting it is by selling something that you have.

Paypal is like an online bank account that allows people to hold money as well as send or receive such electronic money. So someone can send money to you via Paypal for several reasons, one of them being to pay you for a service rendered or product provided.

One of the quickest ways by which many people have made money from the web is by selling with Paypal and I see no reason why we can't replicate the same in Kenya. You just need to have a product that sells and then you'll see the money coming into your account.

What you will need
- A Paypal account
- A virtual product e.g. ebook, video or other digital stuff that is useful to people
- A website for selling

How it works
- The most important part of this is creating your product and this would be a digital product that people can easily download. You would create it with your computer
- You set up a Paypal selling button and set up payment notification urls
- You also setup IPN handlers in your website for processing Paypal success payments
- When users click on the paypal button to buy your product, they go to Paypal and after payment go to your download link to immediately download
- Money goes to your paypal account even while you are sleeping

A good example of people who sell digital stuff successfully with Paypal is Darren Rowse who made more than $90,000 from selling ebooks alone via Paypal. He however used a third party processor called ejunkie to sell and receive payments by Paypal.

The good thing about selling digital stuff on the internet is that there is little or no need for inventory as you only create a single file that you can sell over and over again by Paypal and downloads on autopilot.

Re: How to sell with Paypal in Kenya Reply by Jezz on Sunday December 9, 2012 at 23:27:18:

Now Paypal users in Kenya finally have an option to sell their Paypal Money to Home CrowdsourceKenya they do so much online payments and is in need of PayPal money, they will Pay you Cash in exchange for the amount you want to sell to them via Paypal. They are Located at Ngong hills Hotel Business park 2nd floor Ngong road Nairobi More details on their contacts page you can also try that as well oh and they can also fund Paypal accounts for those that want to load money into their Paypal with Cash for online Purchases. you just raise an order with them and they will send you cash to your paypal account.