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Posted by on Friday April 20, 2012 14:0:31:

If you've got some paypal funds that can easily be used to buy goods online, then it is equally a good way to convert your funds to products.

In Kenya, there is a growing number of Paypal users and some do have funds in their account and looking for alternative means to convert them to Kenyan money. How could you do this? How could you bring your Paypal funds home either in cash or kind. Well this post is to share with you how you can easily withdraw money from your Paypal account by conversion. We are going to convert your paypal money to goods that you can use or resell in Kenya when it arrives.
It is easy. It is completely legal.

Things you will need
- An ebay account
- A paypal account with sufficient funds
- A US forwarding address
- An internet connection

How it works
So here is a simple strategy to convert your paypal funds to tangible items that will be shipped to Kenya and then be probably resold or used by you. Either way, it would add value to your life when you get some of your funds out of Paypal. I'm guessing you already have a Paypal account with funds. This is probably much better for people with over $500 to $1000 in their Paypal funds. If not, wait for it to accumulate

- Open a MyUs forwarding account and get your US address. Use your Kenyan addres as your final shipping address. Pay with Paypal
- Then open an ebay account at www.ebay.com
- Use your US addres as the shipping address and your credit card address as the billing address
- Browse for goods like Laptops worth under $300 to $400 on ebay
- Buy it and ship to your US address
- It arrives within 3 days
- Reship to Kenya and pay for shipping to Kenya from your shipping address.
- Get goods in Kenya and resell or use it as your property.

So both ebay and MyUs accounts allow you to pay using Paypal and you could be using those accounts to ship a lot of goods to Kenya which you could use to convert to cash later on.

If you don't have much funds on your Paypal account, allow for it to accumulate or just sell your paypal funds to someone who wants to use it.

Re: Withdraw from Paypal by conversion Reply by Sam on Sunday January 6, 2013 at 24:31:11:

Hello Felix ,, could you do me a favor and tell about something you imported through myus and all the costs you incurred from purchase to arrival . Thanks in advance.

Re: Withdraw from Paypal by conversion Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday January 28, 2013 at 8:42:54:

Well, I have bought a brand new laptop before for about $400 and then shipped it with like $100. If buying computer stuffs like laptops, make sure it is new since old computers incur more costs in Kenya