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Posted by on Saturday November 26, 2011 9:47:28:

Paypal is in Kenya and it's a good thing but how do you make use of Paypal? Well the normal thing is using it to send and receive money online among friends and business partners and this could be for reasons like a wedding gift, parent's gift, making payment for online services or for receiving payments for internet income. One popular way by which Kenyans make money online is by freelance writing. The thing about using Paypal in Kenya is that most people actually use it more for receiving money online rather than just sending.

How do people make money with Paypal in Kenya or anywhere else?
If you are living in Kenya and still have not yet opened a Paypal account, you could be missing quite a lot. Paypal can make you richer and can make you find using the internet more worthwhile.

Paypal being an online payment system can actually open a whole lot of opportunities for you and here are several ways you can use it to make money online:

- Sell online: You can sell digital and downloadable items like ebooks, videos, mp3s and even pictures. You can also sell subscriptions and Paypal buttons allow you to do this

- Accept donations: Nowadays people tend to use Paypal to just accept donations from people and this works well if you have a website that has a paypal donation button. Your site could be about a charity donation or just from fans. Websites like Wikipedia are good at this. Even if it's a blog, you could make a paypal donation button or link that says buy me a drink or beer.

- Offer services: These could be from online advertising, freelance writing, web or graphic designing, consulting and so on. Just think of a service that you can offer and let your clients pay you with paypal. It is that easy

One thing about making money with Paypal is that it works well if you have a website where you can offer a 24 hrs display what you are offering.

Just think of a good business idea that you can monetize with a Paypal payment and you would see the money keep rolling in for you even on autopilot.