How to link and confirm your Paypal account with your Payoneer US bank account

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Posted by on Thursday January 30, 2014 at 16:4:53:

As I've earlier blogged, one of the coolest ways to get money out of Paypal from Kenya is by making use of a US bank account courtesy of Payoneer.

Payoneer is a company that supports a lot of people globally who want to make use of a globally accepted Mastercard to receive their income from US companies. With a Payoneer account, you can get payments from other companies in US dollars and be able to withdraw it to a local ATM in Kenya and in the local currency.

I had received my Payoneer mastercard for a while but I recently decided to use it to withdraw from Paypal. All it takes is to first of all log into your Payoneer account and use the US bank details available there to link to your Paypal account.

Actually, linking a US bank account to your Paypal account is one of the ways through which one can verify a Paypal account and be able to also easily make withdrawals. Since Paypal is open to Kenyans but withdrawal is limited in a way, you can simply make use of Payoneer's service to withdraw using the US payment service they offer.

How to link US bank account to Paypal with Payoneer
- First log into your Payoneer account and go to US payment profile under receive money
- Note the details such as bank name, routing number, account name, account type and account number
- Log into your Paypal account
- Go to add bank account and enter the Payoneer bank details. Submit the form
- Wait for Paypal to send 2 small payments less than $1
- After some hour or say 2 days, you'd receive a notification from Payoneer that you had received payment
- Go back to Paypal and click to confirm bank account
- Enter the value of the 2 payments made to your US bank account with Payoneer
- Click on confirm and your account will be confirmed almost immediately

Now, you'd be able to receive payments into your Payoneer account after you've made a bank withdrawal request from your Paypal account. It is that easy.