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Posted by on Wednesday January 29, 2014 at 14:35:2:

For those who are already signed up with Payoneer and are using it to withdraw from Paypal, I think you should know that Payoneer is gradually updating the bank account details you normally use for making withdrawals from Paypal.

I discovered this change in my account today and since I had already linked my US bank account to Paypal in the past, I was worried when I discovered that the bank details had changed and this was after I already applied for a Paypal to bank withdrawal.

In the past, the bank name was First Century Bank and as at today in my account, the bank is now Bank of America. I applied to make a withdrawal to the bank using the old details and was worried that it may not go through and so I also added a second bank account pending to be confirmed by Paypal.

Anyway, after doing a bit of Googling today, I saw a discussion about in on Payoneer's community page and got to know that there is no cause for alarm. Payoneer officially says that the old account is still valid as they are just gradually rolling out the new bank details. I guess this means that my withdrawal request will sail through smoothly.

Using a Payoneer account is still one of the best ways of operating and withdrawing from Paypal especially in countries like Kenya where it can be hard to do a direct withdrawal.

If you don't already use a Payoneer Mastercard and have funds in Paypal, you should get one for free today.

    Re: Payoneer's US Payment service update Reply by sheeroh on Thursday January 30, 2014 at 11:42:18:

    It is the absolute best. You can get your money within two days (or so) or even after two hours should you chose to. It is a must have when working online. Thanks for this!