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Posted by on Thursday August 8, 2013 at 14:3:26:

One of the ways bloggers and website owners can raise money with their sites is by making use of donation buttons and when it comes to online donations, I don't think there is any platform that does it as good as Paypal.

Paypal is the most popular online payment platform in the world and they allow users to receive payments online for a lot of things such as subscriptions, physical and digital items as well as donations.

Things you'll need:
- A Paypal account
- A website
- A Paypal donation button

To make money using Paypal donations, you need to have a cause or something that people would want to identify it and support with their free will donations. It may be something they've benefited from or they believe in. Although Paypal donation buttons helps a lot of non profit organizations raise money for their business, it is also a good way bloggers and website owners can make money, even if it is just to support their online work.

If you are in Kenya, have a Paypal account and also have a website, perhaps it's time you also try to

- Log into your Paypal account
- Go to Merchant Services
- Select to create a button
- Under button Type, choose donations
- Enter the Organization name/service e.g
- Select the preferred currency e.g USD
- Under contribution amount, select the option you want
- Click on create button
- Copy the html code and paste on your website

Now users will be able to donate to your site once they visit the donation page.

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