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Posted by on Monday August 5, 2013 at 9:32:59:

Another cool way to invest into websites with Paypal is by using it to buy unique content from freelancer article writers.

Why pay for website content with Paypal? Well because those content are part of what can drive more traffic to your website since the more content a website has, the more traffic it can get and hence the more money it can make.

As I mentioned in my first post on this subject, the third important part of setting up an income generating website is creating the website content itself.

A website consists of 3 parts: Domain names, web hosting and website content. The website content is what information the website itself contains.

Most websites nowadays which generate the most money are the ones that are information based. These websites can be in the form of blogs, article websites or directories. They contain a lot of data which has been contributed by editors.

As a website publisher, one of the main obstacles to website publishing is getting people to contribute content itself. You have to either hire a team of editors to keep contributing content to your website or do it yourself. Well, it can be hard contributing content to your website all the time and that's why most growing websites that are into content publishing tend to re-invest back some of their income to pay for writers.

Paying for freelance writers is not a bad idea if you are looking to add a lot of content to your website in the short term. Besides, hiring freelance writers for a project can help you save money since you'll not need to keep them as part of your permanent staff.

There are several freelance websites, Kenyan website owners can order articles from and you can pay as little as $3 for a 500 word article. A good site is and another is You can decide to go for local Kenyan writers or UK article writers on those freelancing communities depending on the type of content website you are building.

Imagine a situation in which you want to create a content website that has the potential to generate you profit in the the long term. You may need to add like 1000 articles to it just to dominate your niche. Now given that an average blogger may be able to just write 10 articles a day, in a year, you will still not be able to write 500 articles.

However by contracting out the job to say 50 article writers on a freelance community, you could have the 1000 articles written in as little as a week and you may just end up spending $3000 from your Paypal funds.

The good thing here is that you have created a content website that has dominated its niche and has the potential to make profit within a shorter time frame just because you have the money to spend from Paypal.