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Posted by on Monday August 5, 2013 at 8:51:23:

One of the smart ways of investing your Paypal money is by investing it in income generating websites.

Websites do have value if they have traffic and if you've made money into Paypal and are looking for a way to invest it, setting up cash cow websites it not a bad idea.

Nowadays, you can buy a domain name and even pay for web hosting with your Paypal account and it doesn't cost that much. That's what a website really requires : Domain name + Hosting. The other last thing is content and the more content you build on the site, the more organic traffic it will get from search engines.

I recently registered a domain name with just $10 out of my Paypal funds. It was basically a niche domain name and since I already had a shared web hosting plan, I just added it to my account.

At times, I normally register niche domain names to be used in setting up websites that are designed to pull traffic from web searches. If the website does ok within its first useful life(usually 1 year), then I would keep working on it to earn more income.

You can make money with your website once you know how to monetize it and different people have different ways of monetizing their website.

For me personally, I monetize my websites in 2 ways: Online advertising and Affiliate marketing.

How I do it is that first I register a niche website after doing keyword research and add some content to it. I then leave it for about 3 months. If it keeps on pulling traffic and making money, then it's a profitable investment.

So, for the niche website which I started with a little Paypal investment of about $10, It has already earned me more than the initial $10 and

You can make money with your Paypal funds by investing it in websites or other profitable online ventures. You may be surprised that a $10 investment may actually pay your back $100 within it's first year.

You can pay for domain names and web hosting with Paypal here