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Posted by on Wednesday March 6, 2013 at 14:31:22:

It's simple, if you want to get money out of your Paypal account without having to withdraw it in cash, just spend it!

Shopping online with a Paypal account is quite satisfying especially if you've spent a lot of time and effort trying to grow your Paypal funds. You might be a freelancer or publisher and have been receiving Paypal payments into your account but still not sure how to get the money out of the account to count as a real asset.

Believe me, you never really have Paypal money until you actually have it in your hands. There have been countless stories of people who got their Paypal account frozen or banned with funds in them, some running into thousands of dollars. Besides, there are also stories of paypal payment reversals from the sender so the truth with all these online payment services is that they are still virtual and not real money until you actually have real value in your hands physically.

Now, shopping online with Paypal is one of the things you can do to easily convert your Paypal funds to real assets since you can use it to buy tangible goods that can be shipped to you in Kenya.

You can try shopping online at local Kenyan websites that accept Paypal or globally at and get it shipped to you.

One of the things I would prefer to use my Paypal funds to buy are laptops and digital cameras and then either use them or resell them to people who may want to buy it.

Ebay is one major bus stop for spending with Paypal and one smart way to spend wisely there is by ensuring that the price you'll spend as well as shipping costs make economic sense compared to shopping locally from Kenyan markets. So, if you'd want to buy something like a laptop that costs $200 on ebay, if it costs less locally, then it may be wise to avoid such products but if it's cheaper, then you should take advantage of it and also include shipping costs.

Shopping on ebay is a breeze with Paypal and there are also a lot of other online services you can pay for with Paypal such as web hosting, freight forwarding and even membership sites. Personally I like buying tangible goods with Paypal as it makes it worthwhile when one converts virtual funds to real assets.

    Re: Getting money out of Paypal by spending it Reply by kenyan85 on Friday March 8, 2013 at 8:33:50:

    Hi there,
    I've been a freelance writer, internet marketer and social media manager for the last one year. From the get-go, online work has been my main source of income. I'd never spend my money online since I know a couple of avenues that I can use to withdraw my cash, all Kenyan and all legit. Online work isn't a hobby or a source of loose change for me; it's my monthly salary that has helped me break free from the economic upheaval and uncertainty in this country to become financially independent. I know many youth can do this too, seeing as it is that this country has failed us in terms of creating and sustaining jobs for the youth. Cheers, and keep up the great work.