Does Paypal allow you to sell your Paypal money?

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Posted by on Saturday January 12, 2013 at 12:56:41:

If you are one of those who already withdraw money from Paypal by exchanging your funds for other currencies, then you might actually be breaking some of Paypal's rules.

One of the legal requirements for all users using Paypal listed on is that

"You may not use the PayPal service for activities that involve currency exchanges"

This simply means that if you use any e-currency exchange service like that offered by any of these Paypal withdrawal service providers in Kenya, you might actually be breaking their rules.

What you are allowed to do with Paypal funds
- Shop online
- Send money to friends and family
- Donate to charitable causes
- Make withdrawals to US bank accounts
- Buy gift cards on e-bay
- Shop on Kenyan websites that accept Paypal

How e-currency exchange services work
Paypal is a kind of e-currency since money is actually existing in electronic form in your account. You can send this money to someone else as a gift or in payment for a good or service but when that service now involves "money for money", then it is an e-currency exchange and it frowned at by Paypal.

Other legal options to use your Paypal money
- Withdraw with a US bank issued ATM card
- Shop on e-bay
- Withdraw using a Payoneer issued US bank account

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