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Posted by on Monday September 3, 2012 12:42:39:

Ok, so I just thought I should share with your guys on several options by which you can easily withdraw your Paypal funds in Kenya for now at least until Paypal finally starts crediting local accounts directly.

1. Open a bank account in London
2. Buy from ebay
3. Exchange e-funds

Opening a bank account in the US
If you are a frequent traveller, you can always open a bank account easily in the USAand then be able to withdraw directly from the account using wire transfer or an international ATM debit card. You will need to be physically present at the bank and bring a referee together with your travel documents like Visa and passport. When opening an account, you will also ask them to issue you an international ATM debit card attached to your account. You can then withdraw via ATM when you have funds or by wire transfer. For either part, you should also have access to online banking to check when they are sufficient funds in your account.

Shopping on ebay
This is quite an easy way to convert your Paypal funds to goods bia onlin shopping. Ebay is one of the few websites that allow you to pay for stuff with Paypal and to easily do this, you may also need to get a US shopping address from myus.com. With your US shopping address and an ebay shopping account, you can always pay for stuff on ebay and get it shipped to Kenya via DHL. I prefer shopping online for Laptops and this may cost about $70 to ship to Kenya. SO if you've got like $500 to $1000 in your account, you can always buy some stuff that can easily be shipped to Kenya via DHL and then resell them to people who need them while you get your cash.

Exchanging e-currencies online
There are also a lot of online services that allow you to exchange Paypal for other currencies. The idea is to simply send paypal funds to someone you trust while the person sends you funds in another platform you would prefer. For instance, you can exchange Paypal for Western union, Liberty reserve, Payza or other preferred e-currencies. I've used this service before at exchangezone.com. If you however have a friend who wants to buy Paypal funds from you for Kenyan shillings, you can also do so but this is probably the riskiest option. Paypal doesn't also approve of using e-currency exchange services.

Re: Options to withdraw from Paypal in Kenya Reply by maxwell on Wednesday October 31, 2012 at 14:8:5:

Thats helpful

Re: Options to withdraw from Paypal in Kenya Reply by Jezz on Sunday December 9, 2012 at 23:16:27:

Now Paypal users in Kenya finally have an option to sell their Paypal Money to www.crowdsourcekenya.com CrowdsourceKenya they do so much online payments and is in need of PayPal money, they will Pay you Cash in exchange for the amount you want to sell to them via Paypal. They are Located at Ngong hills Hotel Business park 2nd floor Ngong road Nairobi More details on their contacts page you can also try that as well oh and they can also fund Paypal accounts for those that want to load money into their Paypal with Cash for online Purchases. you just raise an order with them and they will send you cash to your paypal account.

Re: Options to withdraw from Paypal in Kenya Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday February 3, 2014 at 9:1:49:

Payoneer now works in Kenya and can provide one with a US bank account which allows you to withdraw from Paypal easily