How do I withdraw from Paypal in Kenya

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Posted by on Wednesday July 6, 2011 12:17:18:

A lot of people in Kenya already have a paypal account and it is a great way of receiving money online from your clients, friends or just someone else.

What do I need to make a withdrawal?
In order to be able to receive money online in Kenya, the two involved parties need to both have paypal accounts and then one persons initiates the sending while the other person receives it.
Now if you have receive payment into your Paypal account in Kenya and was looking for a way to withdraw it, Paypal officially says that for now, Kenyan users can only withdraw to a US bank or card so what does this really mean?
I mean, one can actually fund his paypal account from a Kenyan bank with local currency but when it comes to withdrawal, you can't do the reverse but will only have to be through a US bank account. You can see the details here:

How people withdraw from Paypal in Kenya
Some Paypal users in Kenya allow their funds to increase before attempting a withdrawal to a US bank so as to minimize the costs. Some others get a US credit card like Visa or Mastercard in order to receive money with the card, while others just simple sell their funds to ecurrency exchangers for other easier form of payment or Kenyan money. There are also those who simply use their Paypal account too buy stuff and get it shipped to Kenya and then they sell it or use it.
So it really depends on how much you are getting with Paypal and how often you are getting it. Is it for the long term? Is if just for a moment? Is it for business or just from friends? Is it from an affiliated company or partner or network that is paying you for online services? Well if it is more than something like $2000, it would be better to just withdraw it to a US bank and then do a wire transfer.

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Re: How do I withdraw from Paypal in Kenya Posted by Sope on Thursday July 14, 2011 at 8:42:12:

One thing you can do is get a account for free and then sign up with and place your price. When buyers respond to you, you can then exchange your paypal funds for liberty reserve with which you can then convert to other form of payment like Alertpay or Western union which you can send to Kenya. It is relatively cheap and the idea is that you swap paypal for another e-currency and send it to Kenya. There are many e-currcny exchange sites like that

Re: How do I withdraw from Paypal in Kenya Reply by eric manthi on Saturday December 15, 2012 at 22:4:55:

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