I finally withdrew from PayPal using my Payoneer Mastercard on an ATM

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Posted by on Saturday February 1, 2014 at 11:59:5:

As at Friday, I got an alert that my Payoneer Mastercard has been loaded and I checked to confirm. It was with the Paypal funds which I had earlier requested to withdraw using a US bank withdrawal service which Payoneer offered. Yes, I was finally able to withdraw from Paypal using my Payoneer mastercard.

In order to be able to withdraw from Paypal using your Payoneer Mastercard, you'd need to ensure that you have linked your US bank account which Payoneer offered to your Paypal account and confirmed the 2 deposits which Paypal made to your account. The total of the 2 payments are just under $1 which isn't much.

So, after confirming that my Payoneer Mastercard account has been funded online, the next step was to make an ATM withdrawal.

In order to make an ATM withdrawal, you should ensure that you still remember your ATM PIN which is what you setup when activating your Payoneer Mastercard after receiving it for the first time. I thank God I remembered mine and when I slotted in the card into the Mastercard supported ATM, I was able to make a withdrawal in about 10 seconds.

I decided to withdraw about $34(3000 KES) which was paid in local currency and not the USD.

I also noticed that even though Paypal sent about $70 to my account, I was only credited about $40 since Payoneer took out about $29.95(Activation/Annual fee) and $3.15(ATM withdrawal fee) form my account.

I just have to say that withdrawing from your Paypal account to your Payoneer mastercard and then locally using an ATM in Kenya is actually possible and if you are the kind of person that wants quick payment for your income, it's better to just stick with them most especially if you make a lot of money from Paypal.

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