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Posted by on Friday January 31, 2014 at 15:15:38:

I received an email today with the subject "Your Prepaid debit Mastercard has been loaded". For those of use who use a Payoneer Mastercard, it only means one thing - Some money has been credited to the card and valid for withdrawal.

Actually, this is not the first time I'm receiving funds into my Payoneer Mastercard but this is the first time I'm actually withdrawing funds from Paypal through my Payoneer mastercard. In the past, I prefer buying things like laptops and memory cards from eBay using my Paypal funds but now, I think cash would be best.

So, in the past when I received credit alerts to my Payoneer Mastercard, it was mainly from Paypal when doing bank confirmations and since Payoneer had changed the bank details, I had received this alert twice amounting to 4 different payments from Paypal. Anyway, this final payment of $70 was from Paypal and it was in respect of my royalty earnings from the Hubpages Ad program.

As I said, there's nothing as good as actually receiving cash for your online income and when that cash comes from Paypal, it can run into a lot of money given that most online programs pay faster with Paypal.

How I withdrew
I had applied for a bank withdrawal from Paypal using the US bank account that Payoneer offered and selected the amount on the 29th. It took about 2 days and on the 31st, my Payoneer account got credited and I got the email alert. My account would be credited with at least 1% of the transaction cost.

Now I will be able to withdraw from my Payoneer account easily using an ATM that supports Mastercard and only pay about $3.15 per withdrawal.

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