How to get a Visa card in Kenya

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Posted by on Monday July 23, 2012 15:29:11:

Online shopping has become easier with the coming of Visa cards to Kenya. Now you can sit at home on your computer and shop online at any global store that accepts Visa cards.

There are many banks that offer Visa cards in Kenya and you can use it, once activated to pay for items your ordered for on merchant websites.

Steps to getting a Visa card
- Go to any Visa issuing bank
- Fill an application for a Visa card> Read the terms
- Make the required initial payment
- Submit copies of your personal documents: National I.D or Passport

You should get issued a Visa card shortly and you can always reload it when you want. I prefer going for Visa cards that are prepaid rather than ones tied to a bank account. You don't necessarily have to have a bank account to get a Prepaid Visa card from most subscribers so you could just go with your funds and easily get a card, same day.
It normally comes with some monthly maintenance fee and you can check your transactions online using a portal your bank gives to you.

Using your Visa card for online shopping
Once you have a Visa card, you can use it for shopping online as long as Visa is accepted and this includes millions of websites like

- Create a buyer account
- Add items to your card
- Checkout when finished
- Confirm your invoice
- Make payment using your card number and CVV code
- You should get a payment alert when the transaction sails through.

KCB does offer prepaid Visa cards you can use for online shopping around the globe.

Re: How to get a Visa card in Kenya Reply by Vincent on Friday February 15, 2013 at 6:52:53:

UBA does also offer a pre-paid card called Africard. i have tried it and it is pretty easy to get, transact with and only charges me onnn transactions....not monthly or annualy.