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Posted by on Friday August 31, 2012 12:21:18:

Yes it's happening. You can now make money online in Kenya by simply creating and publishing your own videos to Youtube. It is that easy!

Youtube has been around for sometime now and there are now offering you an opportunity to also make money from it by simply creating your own unique videos and sharing. Imagine that! Just by sharing your videos, you can get paid.

How does this work?
Well it works like this:
- You sign up for a Youtube account
- You create videos at home or office
- Upload them to Youtube
- Share them with the public
- Make money as a partner when you have many video views

YouTube partner program
In Africa, Kenya is among the few countries that have been welcomed into the Youtube partnership program meaning that you can now make money from Youtube advertising program as partner and this works with the Google adsense publisher program. You don't really have to have an existing adsense account to get started but if you do already, great.

What you can do
Just create many videos on things you know people like watching and let if be original. You can even create a video of you repairing phones, going hunting, training your pet, getting married traditionally and so on and upload them all to YouTube. By the time you have over 100 published videos, I bet you will start getting some traffic on them, you would definitely be making money automatically.

What you will need
- A Video camera
- A YouTube account
- Multiple videos uploaded to YouTube

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with YouTube and start making money online today.