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Posted by on Saturday May 19, 2012 8:55:43:

If you run an online business or have online presence in Kenya and are looking for the possibility of receiving payments online, then you should know it's quite possible and in this post, I just want to highlight on how you can do this.

Here are several ways to receive money online in Kenya

Paypal: Relatively new but very popular in Kenya. Most people now have a paypal account for receiving money in Kenya. However it seems that withdrawal to local banks is not yet available.

Payza (Formerly Alertpay): You can send and receive money online as long as you have an account. Buyers can also pay your money even with their credit cards if you do a website review.

Liberty Reserve: Most commonly used by forex traders but is becoming a better form of receiving online payments. Transfers to other accounts are irreversible unlike Paypal and Payza

Moneybookers: This is a growing means of carrying your online funds securely. You can also withdraw to a local Kenyan bank.

Plimus: This allows you to also sell online adn receive payments from credit and debit card buyers. You can also sell digital items with Plimus who let you setup a store.

Payoneer: This is a company that issues you an International Mastercard that allows you to receive funds online and withdraw from an ATM. Fees for withdrawal can be as high as $2 per transaction. It's mostly used by freelancers and affiliates working in Kenya

Bank wire: This is simply an international bank wire that you can use to receive funds into your bank account. You will need to have a foreign currency bank account and then let your buyers or clients know they can pay your by wire transfer. It's mostly preferred when making huge transfers and not small amounts.

Escrow: This is an online account kept by your online fund manager or community where you offer a service and it allows you to accumulate funds until your are ready to withdraw it by either cheque or funds transfer. Freelancing sites like offer this

Western union: This is a popular means of sending and receive money across the world and it works through banks or WU agents. The receiver would need to have the MTCN and other secret details before being able to receive. It's more commonly used by friends and relatives.

Which online payment method should you use?
It really depends on the kind of thing your do online and the kind of service you really want. I would recommend that you actually go for payment options that actually allow you to receive your cool cash in Kenya.

Re: How to receive money online in Kenya Reply by Njuguna on Thursday April 4, 2013 at 19:57:7:

Withdrawal fro pay pal is a thing of the past. holla at me for the best offer- $15 per withdraw up to $2500.


Re: How to receive money online in Kenya Reply by caroline on Friday June 7, 2013 at 18:4:53:

can i withdraw money from payza if yes from where?

Re: How to receive money online in Kenya Reply by gitau on Friday July 5, 2013 at 13:12:20:

where can one get paypal or payza in keny