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The availability of internet services in Kenya and an internet savvy population should be enough reason to have a blog as a Kenyan. The fact that what you do as a blogger in Kenya can affect people across the whole of Africa should even be a bigger reason. If you live in this rich East African country and want a reliable way to make money online, you can try blogging. Blogging is what a lot of people are now into and you shouldn't be left out.

It is quite simple, the more you blog, the more you are likely to make money. Every blogger gets rewarded for his efforts. It is sort of like a natural law.

Blogging is about sharing your life. It is about sharing an opinion. It is also about making information publicly available on the web. It is a powerful tool that it changing the way people eat, live and work. Blogs can help politicians win elections, it can change a social attitude, it can give opportunities to the less privileged and can also make a good amount of income, even for the unemployed. If you are thinking of something or some activity to do online that rewards you for your efforts, blogging is it.

So how can people make money blogging in Kenya?
There are several ways to do so but as long as you have a blog and want to turn it into your cash cow, here are options available to you:

- Affiliate marketing
- Accepting donations
- Selling Online advertising space
- Flipping blogs
- Online consulting
- Selling online
- and so on

The Power of Blogs
What makes blogs so powerful is that it is being periodically updated, has a lot of useful information, users powerful publishing tools and can help promote awareness.
The thing about blogs is that they bring in a lot of web traffic and with that, you can always find a way to make money from such traffic.

What you need to start blogging in Kenya
- A domain name. You can also use a free domain name
- Web hosting. You may also use a free web hosting
- Content: This involves adding write-ups to your blog on a periodic basis.

How to start as a new Kenyan blogger
If you are new to blogging and don't want to go through the whole process of setting up a website or registering a domain name for yourself, you can always get a free blogger account from blogger,com or You may always move to your own customized website later on

Softwares that are used for blogging
Blogging requires you log int to an online account on a web host. These web hosts normally have blogging softwares or platforms installed and these could be:

- Wordpress
- Blogger
- Typepad
- Moveable type and so on

Choosing a niche
This is also useful if you want to delve into blogging as a professional or for making money with it. You need to choose a niche or category or topics that you want to focus your blog on. It could be health, mobile tehnology, life, politics or just news. Focusing on a niche or category of niches can help give you more authority in that area and can help rank your blog well in search engines.

Example of successful bloggers
Darren Rowse of Problogger was able to make over $90,0000 with blogging book he sold on his site which was mostly about blogging. He also makes a lot still from advertising sponsors like Chitika, Google adsense and some others. JohnChow is another popular blogger in the USA who tells how he made over $40,0000 per month from just blogging alone.

Focus on Kenya. Focus on Africa
If you are blogging, you can do well if you focus on Kenya. But if you also focus on issues in Africa, you could do better and have an even wider marketplace and potential to make money. Try to research on keywords around Africa and publish blogs that are useful and. There is a lot of content being published regularly online related to Africa and yet not by Africans. We need to start writing about ourselves and not outsiders writing about us. If you don't blog about content in Africa, other people certainly will and will probably make money than you do. Publishing content related to Kenya and Africa in general will certainly bring in more income for you and also help spread your message.

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it is interesting that one can make money online here in kenya,i need a practical lesson from a person who is actually earning, please refer me to one

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am considering a Kenyan blog.

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yea we do make money..proof is here chek it out

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AM interested to know how chacharito is making money. He doesn't even have adsense on his blog.

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quite inspiring

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Can u connect me to kenyan examples who are earning?