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Posted by Olivia on Monday July 11, 2011 10:33:40:

The internet is transforming the way people make money in Kenya. Nowadays even businesses are setting up websites and using the internet to make more profit for their businesses. Individuals are also setting up internet profiles, websites and online businesses all in a bid to make money from the web, but how do they really do it?
Making money from the internet has never been easier than it is now as it is now worth billions of dollars. There are companies already set up that have global coverage and make more money than the GDP of most countries. Some IT companies make more money than many countries piled up together and this is because they are making use of the internet to achieve this. Think of a company like Google which is first and foremost a free search engine that is also making billions from just online advertising called Google adwords. Google also makes a lot o f money from other services just because of the technology it offers mostly across the web. Another one is Yahoo that offers free web based email addresses but the money really comes from advertising and other premium services like for small businesses and others.

If you are living in Kenya, you can also tap into your own online income if you are able to offer something that people need.
How do people make money from the internet in Kenya? How can you convert your internet knowledge to Kenyan Shillings? Well there are several ways you can do this including:

- Web publishing
- Article writing
- Freelancing
- Affiliate marketing
- Reselling
- Consulting
- Membership subscription sites
- Tour guiding
- Direct selling

Just try to identify what you are good at and how to offer it to people for a fee. You could offer things to people for free while at the same time referring them to services they would also need and hence get a commission every time they do so.