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If you are used to the internet, by now you will know that there are a lot of things you could do with it. There are a lot of opportunities to be tapped from using the worldwide web.
Making money online is the in thing now around the world as more people, globally, particularly from developing countries in Africa, get online. The race is on and everyone wants to be able to work at home, make money while sleeping and keep doing so for the long term.
How do you make money online? How do you utilize the power of the internet to make consistent income?
Well for those who don't already know, there is a lot to gain from the web and a lot of people are already making a full time income just from working on the web.

How people are making money online:
- Blogging
- Online Forex trading
- Article writing
- Freelancing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Consulting
- Product reviews
- Direct selling
&more ideas. They are limitless

Living examples Darren Rowse makes a full time income from just blogging. He even makes more money from selling his own books than from even Google adsense. He made more than $90,000 from just one ebook all because he was offering what fellow bloggers were looking for.

A bit more about Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a system that allows participants to earn a commission for every sale you refer. With large retail stores like Amazon, you can get up to 10% of the price of a sold item and it allows you to track your referrals.
One great thing about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to keep making money for selling other people's stuff and as long as people follow your referral link.
You just need to identify a merchant that offers affiliate programmes so that you will promote them and get rewarded for your referrals. One great way I am making money from Affiliate marketing is by referring people to Forex brokers for forex trading and I get a commission for every trade closed.

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I need a guide on how to become a blogger