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Posted by on Monday June 30, 2014 at 10:39:3:

Lots of Kenyans struggle everyday to get to work, school or their business all with the aim of securing their financial future. For most people, it is not easy make money in Kenya and so they have to work pretty hard to achieve financial success.

What if you could improve your lifestyle for better? What if you could avoid having to keep appointments, stop reporting to work so early or stop working too hard and still be able to make money? This is what making money online is like – It allows you to make money even when you are resting.

There are a lot of Kenyans now using the internet and there is a much larger number of internet users around the world. What benefits do they derive from their online activities? What do those web companies like Yahoo and Facebook also gain from internet users?

If web companies like Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon weren’t making money, they won’t be on the web, at least, not for so long. They would have closed shop since, however, they have remained consistent in their business and growing for more than 10 years running. It’s because they are gaining some benefits from being available to internet users.

The good thing about online business is that it’s open for everybody. You don’t have to be as big as those big companies or even have as much capital as they do. There still exists a wide market from where you can make money from your work and still live a comfortable life.

While I was still in school, I happened to fall in love with the internet and also got to meet friends who knew how to use it. We all had the desire to make millions from it but unfortunately that did not materialize immediately at that time even till we graduated. However, after my graduation, I still had the desire to have an alternative means of income besides my day job. I had already setup a website then and tried to make money through it but it was not an easy affair. It took me several years of hard work and dedication before my online business and website started to pay off.

If I wasn’t making money from the internet already, I won’t be writing about it and it’s very hard not to share your knowledge on something with others when it has already worked for you.
Prior to my success in making money online, I only dreamed about it and read a lot of online reports about people who have succeeded at it.

You might be asking, “Can Africans really make money from the internet?” “Can Kenyans really make money online?” Yes they can. You need to believe it in order to be able to achieve it.

When you start making money from the web, your life would never be the same again. You will see a whole new window of opportunities open for you and you might even have some new business ideas on things that can help you achieve more.

There have been some people who tried to make money online but after several trials and failures, they tend to give up. I have to tell you that getting started is not that easy. You need to be patient and persistent. It can be hard and in some cases, depending on the online business model you’ve adopted, it can be harder. However, once you cross that red line and have broken the jinx, it becomes easier because you’d have established a strong online presence that would keep rolling the money to you.

Making money online is a bit like making money offline because it requires you to be able to do something or offer something and get paid for it. It’s different in the sense that you would be able to do the business without the need of physically meeting with people and you can also setup a system that does it for you automatically.

You can earn income from the internet either passively or actively in the sense that you can keep making money whether you are on vacation or not.
Having a full time job is good and noble but working on the internet can make you more comfortable since it allows you to be your own boss, not have a limit on how much you can earn as well as make money anytime you want.

If you want to make money online in Kenya, you need to think up an online business that you can operate and set it in motion. Once it gains momentum, the money will keep rolling in, even automatically.