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Posted by on Thursday June 19, 2014 at 16:29:39:

One of the ways through which I make money online is through Digital Content Selling Websites(DCSWs). The reason why I say I make money through it is because I've actually earned money from it and now I just want others to believe that it works.

What is a DCSW? Well, a DCSW basically a website that sells digital content as the name implies. It can sell digital content automatically since it's synchronized with a payment platform like Paypal and guarantees the delivery of the purchased content almost after payment has been successful and verified. A DCSW can operate even without the need for any human being present.

A DCSW is normally setup by web programmers that integrate a script into a website such that it works and delivers content to buyers as soon as payment is completed.

What is digital content? Well, this is basically any content that can be stored in electronic form such as computer files. Computer files such as mp4s, mp3s, pdfs, word documents and pictures can all be classified as digital content.

Ordinarily, any website owner can have his website setup in order to be able to sell digital content on autopilot but it requires having specialized web skills or hiring programmers that can do it. However, there are lots of already made DCSWs that can do the job for you and all you need to do is register and then upload your content to them.

2 ways I know you can make money with Digital Content Selling Websites:
- As a content owner
- As an affiliate

Making money as a content owner:
You can make money with Digital Content Selling websites if you are the owner of the content and decide to sell it on that platform. It would normally involve you creating the content first and then uploading it to the website which then charges you a fee for storing and sellign files with them. They might charge some fixed and variable costs for selling through them. Some DCSWs charge a flat fee all year round irrespective of the number of content you sell while others might place a variable charge based on how many items you sell. As a content owner who decides to sell his content on such websites, you get to keep a royalty which is normally paid out to you when it accumulates to an agreed total and payment can be issued through a variety of means such as Paypal, bank wires, foreign cheque, direct bank deposits and so on. As a content owner, you just have to create your item once and sell it many times. If you ask me, I think this is one cool way of making money. When creating your content, ensure that it is unique and not copied from elsewhere and that you have rights to it. You can then sell it over and over again even while you sleep. Things you can sell on digital content selling websites includes your own e-books, your own music, your own tutorial videos and so on. Create once, sell many times on autopilot is what this really is about.

Making money as a DCSW affiliate:
Some DCSWs also allows people to make money from them by simply promoting the sales of content they host and that have been contributed by their owners for public sale. Since the DCSWs are in the business of marketing and encouraging sales which eventually grow their profit, they might also offer an affiliate program that allows ordinary people who have a good online presence to help in promoting their sales. Affiliates would be able to earn a commission based on a rate that has been pre-agreed upon and it can be as much as 10% per sale and this means that if the content was sold at $5, they get to earn 50 cents per referral. Payments can be made to affiliates through platforms like Paypal, bank wires, direct deposit and Western union. If you want to be successful at this, you might need to have something like a blog or website presence.

Examples of Digital Content Selling Websites you can partner with
Amazon KDP: Amazon Kindle Publisher's program. This allows you to create things like ebooks or apps and be able to sell them through Amazon even without having your own website.

e-Junkie: This is also a popular e-book selling website that sells your item for you on autopilot.

- Payloadz
- Distribly
- epayduka

There are many ways to make money online in Kenya but creating and selling your content through Digital Content Selling websites seems to be one of the easiest. You just have to have the necessary skills in order to be successful at this.