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Posted by on Monday August 26, 2013 at 16:9:23:

If you want to make money by writing articles without having to get paid on a one time basis like freelancing websites normally do, then you should try writing for websites that pay you a continuous royalty for an article you've submitted once. It works like this: write once, get paid many times.

As long as that article or articles keep driving traffic to the website, you will keep earning some income from it on a continuous basis.

For those people who want to just start making money from day one without having to invest some money forward on a website or domain name, writing for large publishing websites like Hubpages, blogger or wordpress is one of the easy ways to get started, improve on your writing skills and most especially know how to write for traffic.

In the internet world, knowing how to write and attract traffic is one of the skills one needs in order to make money from writing. It is normally useful whether you have your own website where you blog or a third party website where you receive kick back for submitting your articles.

I've written a lot about how to make money from your website and it normally requires some form of initial investment on a website which would probably require at least $10 to $50 per year. If you however want to just make money online by using your writing skills and without owning a website, then you should sign up with a publishing website and submit high quality articles which are destined to drive articles for the long term, say 10 years.

What does it mean to write for traffic?

This means to write articles on keywords that people normally search for on the internet. It may also mean writing articles that would rank high in search engines so as to be easily seen by people when they Google for related information.

When it comes to writing for traffic, keywords are important and how you use them in your article matter a lot. Personally, how I prefer making money is by focusing on popular keywords people normally search for an then writing articles around those keywords. Of course you can write articles on any topic you want but you may not get a lot of traffic when doing so until you understand your audience and start writing articles that really drive traffic. One way to find out which keywords people are searching for is by using Google insights or even Google webmaster tools.

How do you make money by submitting articles to websites?
It is simple. Just sign up with the publishing platform and then write and publish the unique articles you want with them. When the article gets indexed by search engines and it is popular, it has a great chance of generating money for you.

How does one really make money by publishing articles on those websites? Well, since articles bring traffic, that traffic can be monetized in a variety of ways such as affiliate marketing and pay per click ads. The publishing platform which you are using will then share profits with you that they make from your articles.

You can sign up with Hubpages and you can make money with them using Google adsense, Amazon affiliates as well as Ebay affiliate. Some people do well in promoting affiliate produces while some do better in pay per click ads like Adsense but in all, you really need to write in such a way that your articles would keep pulling in traffic if you want to make money from it.

Hubpages pays you every 28th of the month if your accumulated earnings have reached at least $50 and this is done by Paypal.

You can also be a write on free blogging websites like blogger or wordpress and make money using Google adsense.