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Posted by on Thursday January 24, 2013 at 9:4:33:

One of the best ways of making money online is by selling something you can create once and sell many times. These are files that you can create with your computer, upload to the internet and then sell it to people automatically.

There is a lot of money to be made by selling stuff like e-books and other digital products to Kenyans or even the whole world and you can do this from Kenya.

A lot of people may talk about making money online by doing freelance jobs, writing for blogs and so on but one of the most independent ways of making you own money directly is by selling something you own, even while you sleep.

What is an e-book?
An e-book is an electronic book you can sell online and it is simply a digital book you can write on a particular subject you know is helpful to people. It could be a novel, story or an instructional book. You can write it with MS word and then convert it to a pdf(Using Adobe Professional) when you are ready to upload it.

You could also create other digital products like videos on tech repairs, cooking, teaching and so on. You can then upload them to a website where you want to sell them to the public.

How to sell your ebooks online
You just need to first create the ebook and upload them to a website that is designed to sell electronic products. It could be your own website which you can integrate with Paypal and then an IPN script which will then allow buyers to download it almost immediately after payment. It could also be a third party website.

You can sell your electronic products online at:
- You own website using Paypal, Payza, Liberty reserve or Moneybookers or other payment service
- Third party website e.g. Amazon(kdp), e-junkie, Plimus or other digital product vending site

Targeting your potential buyers
One important aspect of successfully selling digital products online is knowing who your target audience are. You need to know things like what they are interested in and what payment options are available to them before knowing what kind of product to create and how to retail it. Let's say for instance, you are knowledgeable in trading forex and want to sell an ebook based on tips for easy profits, you would know that your target audience may be newbies who want to learn easy steps and are capable of paying with Paypal or Liberty reserve. So you would need to think along that line. If your target audience is mostly located in the USA or UK, selling with Amazon digital services would also be a smart option.

Why selling digital products is smart
It doesn't involve much inventory. You can create the product once and sell it many times to many people. It keeps bringing in money for you constantly if it is in hot demand.

    Re: Selling ebooks and digital products online Reply by elijah onyinkwa on Monday June 16, 2014 at 10:55:57:

    hi,i have several ebooks,could you kindly please show me an example of a third party i can use to sell them please?

    Re: Selling ebooks and digital products online Reply by Felix Okoli on Monday June 16, 2014 at 10:55:57:

    You can try any of the following:, or epayduka. There is also Amazon kdp.