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Do you use the internet a lot and are not yet making money from it? Well, I hope after reading this post you will be able to make some money online.

Making money online in Kenya is something a lot of people dream about and yet only few achieve it. The truth is, if you really want to make money online, you need to have what it takes to do so.

How to make money online

Well, here is how:
- Have something to offer
- Find a way to monetize it
- Sustain it.

There is this popular saying: "If you build it, they will come". It's true, when you have something that you have offered to people on the internet and it's very useful to them, they would keep returning back for it and you are more likely to remain in business for the long term.

Online business is just like any other business - You are dealing with people and you'd need to satisfy their needs.

What do people need on the internet?
There are a lot reasons why people use the internet on a frequent basis and some of these includes the following:

- Information: People need to know when, how and why about issues in their society. Providing them answers or info can make money for you if you know how to monetize it.

- Socialization: The need to interact or form a relationship with other people is growing and more people now do it online by making use of social networks

- Shopping: More people now shop online either onn their computers or mobile phones. Having a shopping website can make you money since you are providing a service people need without leaving their homes or offices.

- Recommendation: At times people need other people's suggestion before making a decision about something. They go looking reviews and real life experiences.

- Business: People do business on the internet

There are a lot of other needs you can take advantage of.

Ways to make money online in Kenya
There are many ways to make money online in Kenya and I would just list some of them here:

1. Writing:
If you are good at writing in English, you can make good money from your works. You can try article writing for a website like Hubpages and earn money in their rewards program based on the amount of traffic your article brings and they do offer payment by Paypal when you reach the minimum payout level.
You can also write articles for cash directly on freelance sites or for website that pay you money. Another exciting place to make money writing if you are good at writing stories or novels is Amazon's Kindle publishing program. It allows writers to publish their books with them in Kindle format. It is also a good place to sell your ebooks if you already have them and earn royalty based on sales. Your earnings will accumulate over time and you can be paid with Amazon gift card or bank wire.

2. Freelancing:
Freelancing is about offer computer service to people remotely and earning money for it. It normally has to do with signing up with a freelancing community and offering services like web design, article writing, logo and banner design, multimedia and so on. If you are good at such desktop publishing works, you can earn money as a freelancer and get paid in Kenya. Popular sites used for freelancing in kenya are, and You can even have your own website where you can offer such freelancing services.

3. Affiliate marketing: e.g. Amazon
An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes the sales of products or services on behalf of a merchant he is affiliated to. So before going into affiliate marketing, there is an agreement between the promoter and the merchant. The merchant who is the true provider of the services agrees to pay you a commission before hand for sales made through you. It can be as much as 10% of sales. You can be an affiliate for many online merchants like web hosts, shopping sites like and so on. Imagine being able to refer the sale of Laptops from Amazon worth $200, you could earn as much as $20 from it if the commission is 10%.

4. Selling online e.g ebooks, digital content and physical goods.
Another cool and independent way of making money online in Kenya is by simply selling your own stuff online. This is good for people who have something to sell and for small businesses who own retail shops but want maximum exposure. Setting up a website that promotes the sales of your goods is a cool way to be in online business. One can also sell digital items like ebooks, mp3s, videos and so on which he has rights to.

5. Online Forex trading
Trading currencies online is a growing profession in Kenya and that's what forex trading has become. With the internet, people can speculate and make gains from the rise and fall of major world currencies like the Euro and US dollar. You would need to get trained for this, do a live test before knowing how to sail through the market safely. Forex trading on the web is one of the fastest ways to make money online but it is also one of the riskiest and you need to know how to trade on a day by day basis and cutting your losses while maximizing profit. To trade forex online, one just needs to set up an online broker's account, download the trading software, connect to the internet and start trading. One doesn't really need money to start trading but you will only be able to do demo trading and not live trading until you've added some real money to your account.

6. Content publishing:
Making content available on the web is another cool way webmasters and web sites owners are naming money. Do you already have a website that has a lot of content like texts and pictures? You can make money by allowing online advertisers to advertise on your website. This is what bloggers do, they add content to their websites on a periodic basis in order to get more income from advertisers. One of the major advertisers is Google and they allow website owners to partner with them in their publisher's program called Google adsense. So, if you have good web content, you can monetize it with Google adsense or other pay per click program.

7. Video publishing: e.g. YouTube partner program
If you can create and upload videos on the internet, you can get rewarded for doing so and you should be grateful now that YouTube partner program is available to Kenyans. The only thing you really need to do is create a good video and upload it. The more traffic it gets, the more its potential to make money for you passively. There are lot of Youtube publishers who make thousands of dollars from their Youtube accounts because they create videos that go viral. It works in company with the Google adsense program and you can get paid by cheque or Western union. You just need to setup a free Youtube account to get started.

Basic things you will need to make money online
- Internet service
- An online presence e.g email, online profile or website
- Something to offer
- Ability to receive online payments

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