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For those who don't already know, a Payoneer Mastercard is an internationally accepted debit card which you can use anywhere in the world indluding Kenya, at ATMs and online. It is much better to only use your Payoneer card on ATMs only for making withdrawals for payments made to you since it carries about $2 per withdrawal.

Yeah, with a Payoneer card, one can receive payments from merchants around the world and you can make withdrawals in your local currency.

Most Freelancers or those working online in Kenya know about the Payoneer Mastercard and it's a card you use in getting paid after a month's work or so.

How to get a Payoneer Mastercard
There are many ways to get a Payoneer card but it involves the basic things
- Signing up with a Payoneer partner
- Provide a service and get credit for it
- Get a card mailed to you when you earnings accumulate

What kind of services can one provide in Kenya to get a Payoneer Mastercard?
You can write articles on freelance sites like elance. You can also set up a blog or article website and then sign up with a publishing network that offers Payoneer Mastercard. You can even sell on mrchant stores and get paid later on with the card.

How I personally got my Payoneer Mastercard
I got my very first Payoneer card via Infolinks through their publishing program and since I already have a website that has a lot of articles.

If you are a web publisher or blogger and have your own site, you can sign up with Infolinks and when your earnings are about $50, you would be sent you a card.

Some Payoneer partners you can work with

o GetAFreelancer
o uTest
o oDesk
o ScriptLance

Payment processing
o 2CheckOut
o Plimus
o FastSpring

o MediaWhiz
o Copeac
o Text-Links-Ads
o Infolinks

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    how long will it take to get a payooner card