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Posted by on Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 12:31:21:

One of the surest and easiest ways ot making money online in Kenya as I've posted earlier is by simply selling something. Yes, you can just make money over and over again by selling something you can create yourself.

When it comes to the internet, there is more money to be made by selling intangible items than by selling tangible or physical items. Digital selling is where teh big money is and lots of internet companies make millions from this yearly by simply selling something they have the digital rights for.

Think of something like a song in mp3, a video tutorial, pdf document, pictures or others. If you can create any of these items on your computer and people want it, then you can make a lot of money by simply selling it on autopilot.

In Kenya, one of the things that people can easily create are e-books. You can create an ebook on a topic of interest such as:
- How to trade forex successfully
- How to increase Google adsense income
- Secrets of real estate investment
- Kenyan diet for losing weight
- Kenyan tourist guide

The thing is that most e-products which are useful to people would eventually be a hot selling product if you do the marketing right.

What you will need to sell items online
- The digital file
- Selling platform
- Payment processor
- Delivery mechanism

The selling platform can be your website or any other website like Amazon or Plimus that allows you to selling your own digital items easily. It is actually better selling on your own site and avoiding to pay any transaction fees.

Payment processor
This is how you would receive the money when people want to pay for your e-products. The common method now seems to be Paypal and you can easily integrate that to your website or third party website. One payment has been made, Paypal can send a notification to your IPN handler that a particular client with a particular email address has paid for your product

Delivery mechanism
This is meant to happen even without you being there. You should be able to allow people to buy and instantly download your product. Well with a Paypal integration to your website, you can easily do that if your IPN script is also configured to allow instant downloads from a secured part of your website where you store the files. After Paypal or any other payment processor has been used, buyers would be redirected to your script that allows them access to the file. They should also be sent an email containing the download link from where they can download what they have paid for.

So what are you waiting for? Create and sell something even while you sleep.

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    i am @ uon 2nd year.thanks for the good work