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Posted by John on Sunday July 3, 2011 16:52:58:

How do you use the internet to improve your finances in Kenya. How do you tap into that powerful resource to make a living in Kenya.
When it comes to making money online, a lot of people are still skeptical about it here but while many see the cup as being half empty, a couple of few wise men are actually seeing the cup as being full. If you have not yet started and online business in Kenya, now is the right time, now is the best time to hit it big before it becomes saturated.
Internet usage in Kenya is growing but it is getting there and there are already a couple of people who make a full time living from the web globally and the trend is just catching up in Kenya.
How do you make money online in Kenya? How do you tap into this huge medium called the internet and convert it to your ATM machine? If you knew your way around, you could be able to start pulling in some dollars as a result of being paid by big global companies around the world.

Getting Started with internet income:
Well if you are serious about making money online, I just want to give you a low down of the basic things you will need:
- You need to know how to browse the web
- You need to establish your presence online
- You need to set up a means of getting paid online
- You need to offer something to your end users

There are many ways you can make money online in Kenya and I just want to list a bit of them here:
- Freelancing
- Affiliate marketing
- Web hosting and Domain name registration
- Blogging and Forum administration
- Setting up online directories
- Paid reviews
- Web content publishing
- Direct selling

You just need to think of something you are good at and can offer to people online and then get paid for it online. If you can set it up in a way that it is automatic with the money keep coming in without you being there, then you will be able to maximize your income from it.

Re: Tips for getting money from the internet Reply by CHARLES SULA on Sunday December 16, 2012 at 17:14:18:

The tips are good.but how can you get started?