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Posted by on Monday January 28, 2013 at 10:22:29:

Want to drive traffic to your business or website? Then you can do so buy buying ads from Google using their online advertising program called Google adwords.

One of the best forms of online investment that can drive money to your business is online advertising and for now, no one does it better than Google adwords - A service that allows you to buy ads from Google.

Google adwords is an online advertising service offered by Google that allows advertisers or just people who want to attract customers to advertise on the Google network on a Pay per click or impression basis.

Google adwords is a smart budget friendly advertising medium that allows you to get more publicity for a product or service on the internet. You can decide on how much you want to pay per day, per month and on which basis.

What you'll need
To advertise by buying ads from Google, you just need the following things:

- An email address
- A Google adwords account
- Text or image advert
- Visa or Mastercard

How to buy ads from Google using adwords
Google has a superb online platform that allows sellers to simply buy ads without much stress and your ads would start showing up in minutes. It works like this:

- Log into your Google adwords account at
- Create your ad campaign - in texts or images
- Select a daily budget
- Select a cost per click
- Choose your display network or target specific sites, regions and networks
- Make an initial payment
- Your advert would start displaying after a few minutes

You can choose to pay for ads on Google for as low as $0.01 per click or even high as $1. You can also target which sites you want your ad to display eg. or just to display only on Google search. It works like magic.

Regional display also allows you to target which region or country you want your Google ads to display on. You could choose only Kenyans if you are targeting them or you could choose the whole world. If you do run a small business in Kenya and they are your target audience, then you can save costs by simply displaying it only to Kenyans.

Now when people are looking for stuff on the internet, they would find it easy to find you.

Advertising on Google using adwords is one of the best platforms for getting web traffic.