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Posted by on Wednesday February 19, 2014 at 8:37:52:

Last time I checked, Facebook had over 1 billion active users and the numbers keep growing. This shows that people love using Facebook and love the way the social media giant is allowing them to connect and share their lives. It has come to a stage now that if one is not on Facebook, he would be missing a lot.

For people who understand how making money online works, one needs to establish an online presence first and a platform like Facebook allows you to do just that.

With a simple click of a button, a Facebook user can send a message and this would be received by many of his friends and contacts.

A lot of people use Facebook without the goal of making money. They just love the fact that unlike Yahoo Mail which just allows them to send email, Facebook allows them to do a bit more by sharing pictures, messages and connecting with people of similar interests.

In order to make money with Facebook, one needs to first of all have something to sell and then use Facebook to market it. Yes, Facebook can help you to market whatever it is that you are selling.

Things you can do on Facebook
- Advertise: Facebook has an advertising service that allows users to simply pay for online adverts that can be targeted to show up to people based on their interests, location and preference. It is a sort of Pay per click service that is actually affordable and can be adjusted to suit your budget.

- Create a Page: If you've got an existing business, you can use Facebook to promote it for free by simply creating a Facebook page. Even banks nowadays make use of Facebook page to promote their services and even allow people to open an account online. You can create a Facebook page about a real or virtual business or even a brand. A Facebook page allows users to follow you and get updates about your business.

- Create a Community: Facebook also allows registered users to create an online community that allows people of similar interest to join as members and share things in common. They can discuss on issues, interact, post comments and chat. A Facebook community can be formed for free and it has a way of attracting a lot of people who get updates that encourage them to remain active.

How it really works
If you were offering services like a gym, you can simply make use of a Facebook page to advertise it but the trick is in posting a lot of useful content so that when people search for gym services on Facebook or search engines, they would be directed to your page.

Making use of Facebook ads is the fastest way of attracting customers but you also pay for it. You simply pay for the traffic you want to get and chances are that those targeted traffic will bring buyers to you.

Managing a Facebook page requires some more effort but it's free to own one. You can as well appoint a Facebook marketing profession for your business and you'd be surprised. Having a Facebook page may require that you answer any questions potential customers may ask and they do answer a lot of questions.

Adding pictures and videos also can boost your Facebook page and you just need to share helpful information about your business so that it can help in sales.

Facebook is the new marketing platform for sellers and businesses. You just need to know how to tap into it and you'd be surprised how it can draw customers to you.

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