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Posted by on Friday December 2, 2011 16:33:38:

Although there is a growing list of bloggers in Kenya, not all of them really make enough money to live on blogging alone. Besides. blogging seems to still be a relatively new activity and may turn to a full time profession in the coming years. Apart from the fact that making money with a blog can actually bring in some cool money, the problem with Kenyans being able to make money from it has a lot of issues and some of them are inherent.

How bloggers in Kenya tend to make money online
- Using online advertising partners like Google adsense, Adbrite and others
- Selling ebooks online
- Accepting donations and subcriptions

There are a lot of other ways bloggers in Kenya are making money from the web but I think the major ways is through PPC ad networks such as Google adsense which is the biggest so far.

The story with internet publishing through blogging has come a long ways from successful professionals in the USA, Canada and Australia who makes thousands of dollars monthly just from blogging alone. A blogger like Darren from problogger.net makes a lot of money from adsense and chitika but even made over $100,000 from his published book which is still mainly about what he wrote on his blog. Another like John Chow had revealed that he makes over $40,000 monthly from his blogging activities and he is not really talking about Google adsense.

Now the issue with adsense is that if you could at least earn up to $100 in a month or monthly, Google would constantly be sending you monthly cheques. At least $100 in Kenya would be a sufficient income for a start up blogger in Kenya who just want to settle the bills related to his website.

Using $100 a month as the minimum threshold now, the question should be; How many bloggers in Kenya really make at least over $100 from their blogs?

Here are several reasons why I think most bloggers are not making enough money from their blogs:

- Have little content on their blog. You need more content to really make serious money
- Low subscriber base. Focus on capturing users by email
- Low traffic
- Low internet penetration and number of users
- Low technical and web skills
- Poor SEO
- Blogging and Targeting the wrong keywords
- Low writing skills

Perhaps if Kenyans were making up to a $1000 every month from their blogging activities, then one could say that the person can go into professional living but as a blogger in Kenya, you have to face a lot of challenges before reaching that goal.

Re: Why Kenyan bloggers hardly make money online Reply by Wally on Saturday May 5, 2012 at 13:55:54:

This is great content. I think Kenyans are really growing in terms of blogging. There are guys making some serious money online. As a fellow blogger, I think we need to stick together as a team, keep sharing great content like this and soon guys will be earning 10k dollars a month and above.

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