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Posted by on Monday April 22, 2013 at 13:45:52:

If you are a Google adsense publisher in Kenya and already making up to $1000 a month, then you must have broken the mark thousands of Kenyans who make money online are still dreaming to reach

Sure, there are already a couple of big websites in Kenya out there but there are many others who are still growing and not yet making any liveable income from it. For most publishers in Kenya who make money with Google adsense, their earnings range from a mere $50 to $300 per month which is just about ok to pay for website and hosting fees.

What if you could make money from Google adsense in such a way that you would not need to keep another job? What if you would make enough money that would motivate you to focus on only your website and nothing else?

Making money with Google adsense is one of the coolest ways to make money online and if you want it to work for you, you need to understand how the system really works and do what you possibly can to optimize your income.

At times breaking the $1000 mark may not come from just one website or niche, it may even come from a website that you only do little or no maintenance on.

My income from Google adsense fluctuates at times and I've been able to make over $1000 on certain months and at times less and I just want to share with you on some tips on how to increase your income. For me, it didn't come from just one website nor do I even get a significant income from this website. The bottom line is that one needs to try out several niches in order to try out the one that best works for him.

Tips to increase Google adsense income
1. Have a focus

One question you need to ask yourself is this: How much are you currently making from adsense?
You would need to check your reports and see what your current income is in order to know how much effort needs to be put in in order to achieve a goal of $1000 in a month. If you currently make about $100 a month, then it means you have to increase your input variables by 10 in order to reach that target.

2. Make use of high paying ad units

Yes, some adsense ad units tend to pay better than others in case you've not yet realized it. The rectangular 336by280 ad format seems to pay better than other ad formats. Don't use too many on a page but use them in a a very visible part of your web page.

3. Generate more content

It is simple and Google staff have reiterated this often on their blog -Content is King. The more unique and useful content you generate on your website, the more money you are likely to make from adsense. The amount of blog posts that one Kenyan publisher needs in order to earn $1000 a month from adsense may be different from what another publishers may need. So, you should first examine how many words or blog posts you've published and how much you are making from it in order to know how many more you should create in order to reach the target.
If for instance, your website has 20 articles with 500 words each and you are making $50 from it per month, then you probably need 20 times more of that to reach the target of $1000 per month and in this case, that has to be 400 articles.

4. Keep your visitors subscribed

One of the things many websites owners fail to do is not offering an subscription service to their visitors. There are many free email subscription services you can offer to your visitors so that they get an email every time you update your site. This would help keep them glued to your blog and even though it is not search engine traffic, it really helps in generating more income for you based on clicks and impressions. Loyalty visits are what keep a lot of popular websites profitable and you should take advantage of it.

5. Offer useful information for the long term

If you operate a website that you wish to remain relevant for the long term and earn respect from the online community, then you really need to enrich your website with real useful information. This would help a lot of people who've visited your site before want to come back or reference it in the future for future visits. Let's assume you have a laptop blog that talks about how to repair laptops and solve pc issues and you have provided useful details on it, there is a great chance that people who constantly need that information would keep returning to you in the future and even invite their colleagues too. That would ultimately increase your income in the long term.

6. Make use of Google Analytics to capture keywords

Google has a lot of useful tools for webmasters that can allow them increase the amount of traffic their website is already getting. This is one of the methods I've used in increasing traffic to my sites which has ultimately increased my adsense earning and it's a continuous thing. Google analytics not only allows you to track the amount of traffic your website is already getting but it also tells you which keywords have a potential to do better on your site. There could be some keywords which are highly searched on searches and feature your site but that site may not be listed on the first page of results. Keywords like that have a potential to increase your traffic in the long term if you focus on them when writing blog content. I normally make use of Google webmaster tools and Google analytics and these help me stay focused on which keywords are worth writing about rather than aiming helplessly on topics that generate little traffic. So, Google analytics can help show you your strengths and your opportunities so that you'd be able to focus on what to really write about.

I hope these tips have been helpful and I hope you earn your first $1000 from Google adsense

    Re: How to make $1000 a month in Kenya from adsense Reply by misheck mwenda on Tuesday September 17, 2013 at 10:36:52:

    A good idea but i have no idea how its started ,works or even how one earns. i would be glad if you explain it to me.

    Re: How to make $1000 a month in Kenya from adsense Reply by Philos on Friday November 8, 2013 at 5:39:18:

    @Misheck - You can sign up at then use the WordPress plugin Quick Adsense if your site is powered by this script.