How to increase Google adsense income by targeting high paying keywords

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Posted by on Tuesday February 5, 2013 at 8:35:43:

If you are an adsense publisher, you might have already noticed that some clicks on your website tend to have more value than others. Some clicks can earn you as much as $5 while some still earn you as low as $0.10. That's the way it is with Google adsense, not all clicks have the same value.

It really depends on the keywords involved as more online advertisers tend to compete for certain keywords more than they do for others. If you really want to increase your income from Google adsense, one of the ways you can do this is by focusing on content that have high paying keywords.

I don't need to tell you about which keywords really earn more but you should know that an advertiser in Kenya or elsewhere trying to market laptops is probably going to spend more on advertising than another who is just seeking a dating membership site especially if laptops cost more than membership subscriptions.

You could imagine how much you will be earning per click is people search for things like a solar laptop in Kenya and you page pops up in the first page.

One way I've been able to increase my adsense income is by creating niche sites that have high paying keywords. Niche sites tend to do well in search engines if they do contain a lot of useful articles. At times, it just happens by luck and I discover a good keyword. Finding a good keyword and dominating it is like finding gold and buying the land it's found on.

Your site may be about mobile phones, laptops or other gadgets you know about and then write articles on them. Personally, I like writing about those things I've personally used and it helps me in the long run.

Another example is banking products as some local banks tend to also invest heavily in online advertising. Most people know about banks but not everyone really has a blog about their products. If you can educate people more about it on your site, your site would be an attractive point for online advertisers who will be willing to pay you to send traffic to them.

So, just discover a niche that is valuable, write content about it and see how much you'll be able to earn per click on them. I've discovered that some articles or urls tend to earn as much as $2 per click on some days.

    Re: How to increase Google adsense income by targeting high paying keywords Reply by Gertrude Okore on Sunday June 2, 2013 at 13:26:48:

    Wow exactly what i wanted to understand and generate traffic on my blog.