How to increase your adsense income by referring targeted advertisers

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Posted by on Monday January 28, 2013 at 10:54:10:

Although Google adwords doesn't exactly offer an affiliate program unlike some other networks like Bidvertiser that reward publishers for referring advertisers, there is a way you can however get rewarded by referring customers to Google adwords. You can get rewarded if those customers advertise on your website by using site targeting.

How much you do currently earn from Google adsense? How much more would you like to earn? Well there are several legitimate ways to increase your Google adsense earnings in Kenya and one of them is what I want to talk about today - Site targeting from adwords.

Google Adwords site targeting
Do you know that adwords customers can advertise on your website specifically if you are a Google adsense publisher? It works if they use the method known as site targeting.

This means that they can just choose to advertise on only your website by targeting it on the adwords platform.
- The advertiser just needs to select site targeting when creating an ad campaign on Google adwords and then include your site's url.

How to refer advertisers
You can do this by including an advertising page on your website. Make it official and let people know that they can advertise on your website using Google adwords site targeting. One you have created that page, they would now be able to advertise and include your url in the site targeting option e.g.
For instance, you can advertise on by going to for details.

Does this work for all sites?
Well it mostly works for niche sites or for sites advertisers just love because of the traffic it gets or just its special nature.
Let's say an advertiser wants to make more sales on his laptop retail site, he is more likely to target a laptop review site. If another advertiser wants to get more publicity among youths, he may target educational sites. If he wants to win an election, he may just target a political blog. It all makes sense doesn't it?

Why you'll earn more from adsense
Google adsense pay per click tends to vary and depends on the number of advertisers bidding on your site. So the more advertisers want a piece of the action, the more they would pay for click and the more you'll earn for a click. I've seen days when I earn as much as $20 a click on adsense and there are days I jsut earn $1 for 10 clicks. So the more site targeting your site gets from adwords, the more your adsense income would likely grow. So, just encourage advertisers to target your site when advertising on Google.