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Posted by on Friday June 8, 2012 9:50:56:

One thing I have found out from publishing niche websites is that they tend to make more money from adsense than other sites that do not have specific niches.

What am I really saying?
I mean, if you have websites in particular niches, they tend to earn higher than if you just have a blog or website about general topics.

What is a niche?
By niche, I mean specific categories or group of topics that come under one head. A subset of a larger group of categories.

Examples of niches include web hosting, autos, travel, blogging and so on. It is a single or few group of categories that you have decided to focus on publishing on your website.

Rise of Niche websites
When web publishing began, most people were just focused on writing general issues on their blogs or article websites based on their interests but as more money became involved mainly with the push from online advertisers, there came a lot of competition to online publishers to also get the most traffic from search engines. Now search engines rank websites differently and those sites that are focused on particular topics gets favourably ranked higher than others when a search is made on topics or keywords related to them. For instance, if someone searches about cars in Kenya, he is more likely going to be referred to sites that are focused mainly on "cars in Kenya" based on their content rather than just large popular sites that have a lot of content. So niche websites get more traffic on niche keywords related to them.

Increasing your adsense earning using niche websites
You can simply earn more adsense income by developing niche websites for high paying keywords. You may already be earning say $5 a day from adsense but when you create new websites on niches such as web hosting, car services, laptops and computers, your earnings could rise to $20 a day. I had an experience with something like that too when I created a simple niche website in a highly searched keyword. There was a day I gained over $10 to $15 per click on that niche website than compared to my blog which already has hundreds of blog posts and to think that my niche website only had 50 posts on it. So look for a niche that is not too populated or people in your area don't really blog about and work on it. It would only be a matter of time before big money starts rolling in from just your little effort. With niche websites, at times little content pays more.