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Posted by on Monday November 7, 2011 15:8:20:

What is Google adsense and how relevant is it in Kenya?
Well if you are asking those questions, then I'd like to tell you that Google adsense is a publishing program that allows people to make money from the world's popular and fastest search engine. Google is not something strange to you but Google adsense may be and by its name you would know that it is a plan that that makes sense.
You may have spent a lot of time using Google but where you can really make more money if you have a website is from Google adsense.

Here is how Google adsense works: You have a lot of published content and you get paid by Google for advertising besides it.

Let's say you have a blog or other type of website that has useful content that attracts people on a regular basis, how you can make money from such a site may vary but one of the most popular ways is by online advertising. Just selling adverts directly to companies who want your traffic and want to market to your users can do the trick. With Google adsense it is easier, you just paste some codes on your site and you earn money on auto pilot without having to do any marketing or scouting for sponsors or trying to make advertising sales. You just have a single client which has millions of other advertising clients and you get paid for clicks and impressions.

Using Google adsense in Kenya
It is probably still a growing internet business in Kenya as not too many publishers are into it but it is really a good source of income for bloggers and online community website owners. More and more websites in Kenya are monetizing using the Google adsense platform as it is an easier and effective way to make money from a website.
All you need to do to get started with making money from adsense is by having a website with a lot of traffic and then applying for an adsense account at, earn up to $100 and get a cheque sent to you in Kenya which you can cash with a bank account. Nowadays, Google adsense is also paying publishers in Kenya with Western union and this is a much faster means than the usual cheques which may take weeks to get there.

How much can Kenyans make from Google adsense?
It really varies and popular sites are already making over $3000 per month while new comers may be making less than $100 a month. It really all depends on how much effort is put into setting up a popular website. At times, the number of advertisers targeting Kenyan websites and communities also matters and can help increase the income from adsense. If you have a great site with over 1000 useful posts, you could equally be making over $500 a month.
Bloggers are on the rise in Kenya and they are partly driven by the easy income that comes from Google adsense so why not join the train if you haven't already done so?

Re: Google adsense in Kenya Reply by JOHN KIMANI on Friday May 25, 2012 at 16:38:20:

This is a realy great idea and am pleased that google are offering this pragram.I would like to know what are the most populor adsence sites in kenya?

Re: Google adsense in Kenya Reply by Andrew on Sunday October 14, 2012 at 19:2:7:

In kenya u have to wait six months before u r considered